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  2. I love those 100+ mile per day trips! My po-boy solution was two 5 gal plastic jerry cans mounted to rear deck. One with water (AZ desert) and one with gas. Also re-positioned fill-tube to top of tank and vent pipe to filler neck. Now I can completely fill tank (not sure total capacity but prob 1+ extra gallon). There's no stopping me now.
  3. You can't put too much grease in wheel bearing if doing it by hand. My new tapered brgs from Casey were also loose. Inner race was too wide. I wanted to ride so put them aside and bought originals which are working fine. Disassembled and packed the heck out of them before installing. Future project will be grinding tapered brgs to make zero tolerance, zero preload. Good luck Kinarfi, I hope it's the bearing and not the hub.
  4. I agree rocmoc. When it comes to performance upgrades quality alway trumps quantity! Go with the good stuff and reap the long term rewards. Good luck goindeep!!
  5. Hot1le, welcome to forum and a big "Thank You" for serving our Country! Be safe and let us know how your dad enjoys your ride.......
  6. nocturnalsixer, I haven't had any problems w my set-up yet. It came used w a 12" oval mounted about the same as my cherry bomb but was just too big. Mine has a nice sound and was cheap, too. Good luck!
  7. The link worked fine for me. Glad to have this as mine have broken, been welded and replaced many times. Thanks!!
  8. Yes and it goes down to intake manifold if I remember correctly. I would take a pic for you but I'm not near my machine. The only small vacum line coming from valve cover.
  9. I put mine inline on 1/8" hose from front of valve cover with a "T" fitting from wife's irrigation system!
  10. I had same problem with my tapered bearings. I don't have machine shop like Lenny so was afraid to grind races and went back to original bearings. Good luck with yours!
  11. I haven't seen any comments anywhere on the new Troopers. Maybe none sold yet? If I were going new this would be of greater interest- http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=hp-pvdt&va=renli+buggy Casey at JMC says he will have them for sale soon. He has units currently at EPA for certification. Similar to Joyner w/Chery 1100cc and 5 sp manual trans. Available in 2wd and 4wd. Does not appear to have low range so that's a bummer. Took a ride a couple weeks ago in friends Polaris Ranger and was very impressed on severe mountain trails near Payson. It went places
  12. Nasty looking crash site Kinarfi. Glad you lived to tell the tale. Kinda reminds me of Roswell, NM........weather balloon????
  13. Nice work Tinman. Not sure but it looks like foreman is giving yoiu the "Bird"! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hey, Kinarfi, if it looks like buzzard poop, feels like buzzard poop and tastes like same, that doesn't mean you're not a welder.....can't wait for pics LOL
  15. Looks good Charlie. Can't wait for the ride report. Where did you get the limit straps?

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