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  2. they said 5 + 2 so i assume they 2 inches of backspacing. i hope they work because they will be here tuesday.
  3. Anyone know if these wheels will fit? http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/991/35862/STI-HD-Beadlock-Wheel?term=sti beadlocks I like the look and want to run the same size tires on the front and rear. I am worried about the offset. Thanks
  4. No problem I will get some good pics for you guys.
  5. Well I have a friend that builds street rods and he made them for me. He also did the top. He is a whiz with metal. His real job is a DOD Civilian at Sheppard AFB he Skins Aircraft.
  6. Well I have only seen them in the pics also. I wont be home from Afghanistan til next month lol. I think the frames are made out of some sort of tubing covered by some pretty thick sheet aluminum. They are also removable like jeep doors.
  7. Just wanted to show the new doors and top that I had made. The doors are suicide opening.
  8. I really like the carrier that fits on the truck bed, but i wonder if that would be too much with a 1700 pound joyner and the tongue weight of a camper on a half ton truck?
  9. Hey guys got a question. I am looking at getting a toy hauler camper to haul the 4-wheelers and joyner. I have a 2011 Eco-boost F-150 and the problem is the only camper large enough to put the trooper in is too expensive and probably close to the limits of my truck. So what I was thinking is get the smaller one which is 21 feet long and put a tow bar on the trooper to tow behind the camper. Has anyone flat towed a trooper? I plan on going with 15inch all terrain automotive tires. Is this a bad idea? I know I see people towing campers with boats behind them all the time so I didnt think it woul
  10. I noticed in the pictures that my new trooper has been factory wired for a winch. My wife is gonna get me a winch for christmas and I was wondering when the factory wires the trooper up do they put a winch solnoid on it or do I have to wire the one in that come with the winch. It appears that all I will have to do is run a negative and positive wire directly to the posts on the winch. Sorry if this is a dumb question
  11. Thanks for the replies guys! I wont need to redrill I am getting the wheels from superatv and they are 15x7 and 115mm so the should work. I will pull the diff and check it when I get home from deployment. Oh and I updated my profile. Thanks again cant wait to ride this machine. So far Ive only gotten to see pics of my dad showing off on it LOL
  12. i bought it at no limits powersports
  13. Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi and ask a few questions. I just purchased a new 2012 trooper as my deployment gift. I havent been able to ride it yet as I'm still deployed. LOL But I was wondering if a 15x7 wheel with 4.5 back spacing will work? I tried searching but couldnt find the answer. Also does anyone know if the differentials need to be upgraded on a 2012 model?

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