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new doors and top


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Well I have only seen them in the pics also. I wont be home from Afghanistan til next month lol. I think the frames are made out of some sort of tubing covered by some pretty thick sheet aluminum. They are also removable like jeep doors.

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I've seen several types of doors for Troopers, here's my 1 pound worth of door the keeps crap out and heat in and can be used or left at camp or taken and not used,

Ignore that chrome thing at the forward edge of the door in #1, it's a magnet on a telescoping stick that got left there when I took the photo, #3 is an attempt to show a smooth plastic edge cover so it's no rough against your skin if in short sleeves. The blue is shrink tube I put on to pad the end against metal to metal contact.

It will store nicely behind the seats or in front of the cargo bed.








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Well I have a friend that builds street rods and he made them for me. He also did the top. He is a whiz with metal. His real job is a DOD Civilian at Sheppard AFB he Skins Aircraft.

That explains why it looks like professionally skinned.

Id be interested in more pictures of those especially how latch and hinges was done,

after u get home and have enjoyed riding the t2

Kinarfi: I'm also curious how you did the hinges and latch?

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