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    My wife thinks I have too many interests......expensive interests. To try to sum it up, Loud and Fast = FUN. Toy collection to date includes motorcycles, dirt bike, and recently added Trooper T2. Generally I like working on things. It used to be working on toys, now it's working on the house. If I could finish all the house projects maybe I can get back out in the garage and really start messing around with the T2!

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  1. The turbo still needs tweaking and tuning. It performs alright, definitely better than stock, but I know there is more power theret Han what I'm getting. As it is right now, I have to gently feed the gas pedal just right to match the turbo spool. I'd love to have some better tuning on it so you could just put the pedal in and let the computer do its thing. I haven't noticed that I've LOST low end power, but certainly no gain (with or without fuel controller). I would have loved a set of cams in this thing. I may not have turbo'd it if I actually got the damn things, but as it stands I pa
  2. I recently took mine to glamis (finally!). It did alright there, most issues where with driver error.....oops! I did have paddles on the rear that are too big/aggressive for our troopers. I'm thinking of stager cutting the paddles to drop the load on the engine, get more wheel spin, and try again. With the big paddles I wouldn't have been going anywhere if it wasn't turbo charged. As for the weight of it and ride, it performed better than I thought it would. The only issue I had with its weight is when I got it stuck. In super soft sand, that you sink halfway up your shin into, I had a har
  3. Yeah, I ended up having to take the front suspension out also, so I could have better access to the joint. Everything got a liberal coating of anti-seize or grease as it was put back together. Also found out how dried out the ball joints were. Ended up drilling and tapping the tops of those to accept a grease fitting and greased them up. As annoyed as I was to have the extra work to do at the time, I'm sure it'll save me hours of work in the future.
  4. Trying to put together a trip to Glamis. Never been there, but I'm gonna make this trip happen. If anyone is interested in meeting me there or traveling with, let me know! Date: 10-18-31 to 10-20-31 all vehicles welcome. Myself, I will have a SxS and a dirt bike.
  5. Alright, good to hear! In this case, I'm making this trip happen....finally. I'll post a ride announcement under that forum I guess, but anyone who reads this and is interested in making the trip, PM me. Anyone got a favorite camp area? I've heard the washes and buttercup are good. I'll be tent camping if that makes any difference.
  6. Double purpose to my post here. 1st - is Oct 18-20th too early to go to glamis? STILL haven't made it there, been trying for 1.5 yrs now! Also, anyone with knowledge of the place that has pointers to get me in the right place....I'm all ears. 2nd - If the feedback is that this date isn't too early, I guess this is a ride announcement also! Anyone interested (provided people aren't saying its still too hot/early)?
  7. its been a while, but I finally got to get back to the trooper and get that cv shaft changed out. I tried the chain method, tried the prying method, tried the axels shaft remover w/ slide hammer, etc. None of the tricks worked..... I ended up cutting the thing off with a grinder and cutting wheel. Yes this took a lot of work and time, and some surgical skills with the grinder but I managed to get it split without damaging the shaft or diff or seals. Really didn't think it was gonna be that hard. Beers easy the frustration, but only after the grinding was done!
  8. Tried the chain method as you suggested earlier, no luck. The previous owner primarily used this in the dunes, so what your saying about having dirt stoping the clip from collapsing may be highly likely. At this point it honestly looks like I'm gonna have to get surgical with a cut off wheel. If I keep banging around harder and harder on this thing, I'm gonna mess up my diff.
  9. Alright, I've tried multiple approaches here. Bigger hammer, bigger pry bar, bigger stick, etc. Still no luck with this thing. I can't understand what's holding it on there at this point. It has slop in it, the shaft coupling wiggles slightly on the shaft. It just won't come off of there. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try again in a few days when I have some more garage time to play with. I tried getting the tool from AutoZone, but they said they didn't have one. Thanks to bruhaw's photo gallery now I've got their part number and can go back in there and get the right tool! Hopefully th
  10. So I busted my right front outer CV joint while playing around on the rocks. Luckly I have a spare shaft in the garage, but I'm not having much luck getting the old one out. I have the spindle removed from the outer end, but can not get the shaft off the front diff. Am I missing something, cause I thought it should just slid off the output shaft of the diff? Anyone done these? Got the secret I'm missing?
  11. Not sure if you've read this already, but if not it might help if your looking for an immediate fix. I'm usually looking for a fix that is availably immediatley from local stores instead of ordering online and waiting a week or better. http://www.utvboard.com/topic/2650-trooper-t2-brakes/ addmittedly, not the cheapest, but an easy alternative
  12. I don't know how quiet of a muffler you are looking for, but I used an EMPI clamp on. I think Lenny used same/similar. In my opinion its reasonably quiet. Its similar to a supertrapp at half the cost. The two biggest selling points are that the disc-type mufflers qualify as spark arresters, REQUIRED for off-road use in Arizona (check with your local DFS/BLM/DNR/etc, but its legit in AZ). Secondly, it's low back pressure for turbo those of us turbo charging and blowing our motors. http://www.empius.com/vwcatalog/2013/133.html Check out catalog P/N: 3736 (what I used) or for something even qu
  13. If rocmoc isn't able to come up with one for you, try JMC. I've gotten intake and exhaust gasket, cv shaft, and a couple other parts from them. They've been fast and very helpful. Good luck!
  14. I'm just going off a $hi##y memory here from all my research when I was looking to turbo charge, but I think stock injectors are 12lbs/hr, maybe 13.

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