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  1. There will be some exciting, wild, fun for all @ the Imperial Sand Dunes @ Buttercup, Clint Wells, ( Glamis area Oldsmobile hill, the China Wall, these people are of a different breed ! ) etc. starting week before Halloween, ( the weekend will be nuts ) especially @ Glamis, you won't believe your eyes ! then there is Thanksgiving week, & weekend, be warned, it will be WILD ! for a bit tamer area ( not by much ) Buttercup, Clint wells, and there are areas that you can get away from the crowds plenty of open desert, we like running up Oldsmobile hill, ( Glamis area ) if you never been you are in for a treat ! have fun, & be extra careful Go to Glamis sand dunes, scroll down and see videos, of what takes place, 👌

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