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Trooper in Sand


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I played in some sandy rolling hill this past weekend and was pleasantly suprised at how well the trooper did. I climbed some pretty steep stuff. It wasn't real tall (about 50 ft) but it was steep and the trooper powered up it. I also thought the weight wasn't real noticeable in the sand. I had the rpm winding high but it did what I asked it. My wife actually had to back down the same hill in her wildcat because it got stuck just at the crest of the hill. That may be blamed on driver skill, tires, or both.

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I recently took mine to glamis (finally!). It did alright there, most issues where with driver error.....oops!

I did have paddles on the rear that are too big/aggressive for our troopers. I'm thinking of stager cutting the paddles to drop the load on the engine, get more wheel spin, and try again. With the big paddles I wouldn't have been going anywhere if it wasn't turbo charged.

As for the weight of it and ride, it performed better than I thought it would. The only issue I had with its weight is when I got it stuck. In super soft sand, that you sink halfway up your shin into, I had a hard time finding someone with a big enough rig to pull the troopers fat a$$ out

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How is that turbo working? Did you get it tuned? I am thinking of doing one, but I don't want to lose the low end torque if I remove the fuel controller. I need as much low end as possible for rock crawling between 500-1500 rpms.

That's what I like about the cams I got from silver bullet they gave me better low end I didn't want to turbo.

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How is that turbo working? Did you get it tuned? I am thinking of doing one, but I don't want to lose the low end torque if I remove the fuel controller. I need as much low end as possible for rock crawling between 500-1500 rpms.

The turbo still needs tweaking and tuning. It performs alright, definitely better than stock, but I know there is more power theret Han what I'm getting. As it is right now, I have to gently feed the gas pedal just right to match the turbo spool. I'd love to have some better tuning on it so you could just put the pedal in and let the computer do its thing. I haven't noticed that I've LOST low end power, but certainly no gain (with or without fuel controller).

That's what I like about the cams I got from silver bullet they gave me better low end I didn't want to turbo.

I would have loved a set of cams in this thing. I may not have turbo'd it if I actually got the damn things, but as it stands I payed for a Set and never got them. Just hearing them talked about rips open old wounds.
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If SilverBullet took your money for the cams and never got them for you, those on this forum should boycott them until your made whole on it. This forum is the top Joyner forum with lots of followers including many that follow it but don't post. Seems to me that Silverbullet would rather get you your cams then to have this forum tell people to stay away. I had all the specs for the cams. They came from Schneider Racing Cams http://schneidercams.com/ and they used a standard torque grind for something like a particular Toyota or something. You guys might want to give them a call, I would think they would love to have your business. The specs I had went to the person who bought my Trooper. My cam was also advanced 5 degrees (Maybe 3 degrees) also by rotating the belt pulley. This required rekeying which is easy. With My Trooper, I could slew the back end around in sand when at about 1200-1300 rpms in third gear. I would turn and push on the pedal and it would just start to pull hard breaking traction. The last time I had it dynode I asked him to forget more hp, even though he got 10 more out of it, and go for all the torque he could get down low. Also my supercharger would generate boost even at idle so there was no spooling up. If I were to do it all over again, I would definitely do a supercharger but go to a small Eaton unit which would be a lot quieter.

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