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  1. Steperday, we can help you with a set of Doors for your Viking. To fully enclose your cab you will need a Doors and Rear Window combo. If you want to keep the price down, our soft Doors and Soft Rear Window is your best option. Our prices are/ Soft Panels 1 X Set of Yamaha Viking Soft Doors $324.99 1 X Set of Yamaha Viking Doors and Rear Window Combo $489.99 Extras: Zip Open Windows in both Doors $35.00 - Zip Open Window in the Back Panel $35.00 Hard Panels 1 X Set of Yamaha Viking Hard Rod Doors $949.99 1 X Set of Yamaha Viking Hard Steel Doors $1595.99 1 X Lexan Back Window $359.99 Extras: Dual Vent in the Lexan Back Window $10.00 Discount for UTV Board members on all products 5% http://www.pacificeagleutv.com/yamaha-viking
  2. Hi Travis, well you asked for it. We sell Cabs, Windshields, Tops, Doors, Lexan Back Windows, Wheels, Tires, Skid Plates, Drive & Suspension, Winches, Gauges, Mirrors, Fire Extinguishers, Grab Handles, Off Road Sound Systems and much more. We also have a lot of farm implements for all UTVs and larger ATVS like Plows, Rotary Brooms, Sleds, Snow Blowers, Ski Track Makers, Spreaders, Bale trailers,Plow buckets, Push brooms, Flail mowers, Cultivators, Disc harrows, Graders, Landscape rakes, Trailers, Trailer Accessories, Two-bottom plows, Log Haulers, Log Splitters, Timber Trailers and Wood Chippers. Sorry about the late reply.
  3. G'day guys, been awhile since I posted in here, Great to see some of the old faces still here especially Kinarfi. I thought I'd give a bit of support to Kymco as these machines are really gaining popularity now and we are supporting them with aftermarkets parts where we can. Like CF Moto, they have broken through into the North American limelight now. Jeff, I'm not to sure that you know Lenny's wife and I have gone our own ways now and I've hooked up with another partner from Missouri. Kurt Driemeyer has his own company too that builds Body Armor for Kymco's and Arctic Cats. Between Kurt and I we pretty much have you covered for Windshields, Roofs, Doors, Back Panels, Front and Rear Bumpers, Tree Kickers, Bed Rails, Tires, Wheels and much more. So if you need one of these accessories, check out Pacific Eagle UTV, Off Road Body Armor and Powersports Megamall. We cover most makes and models Cheers, Brostar
  4. You are supposed to use the nuts that came with the spacers to secure them to the hub & there is a possibility that your stock nuts for the wheels are locking the spacers to the hub and vice versa. The torque setting should be 56 to 60ft lbs to the hub and the wheels to spacers. It sounds like you have the stock wheel nuts on the spacers. Try swapping them to see if that works.
  5. The Honda Pioneer is on our radar for a full range of modular enclosures. This is a better looking beast than the Big Red. Cheers, Mike.
  6. Hi Plumber, we are doing great thanks and trust all is good with you and your family too. The video doesn’t really give a true indication other than the roll-over point is excellent especially when you consider it rolled on the drives side and there was no passenger to equalise the weight. I did sell a T4 to a customer who rolled it on its side once only. He lost his way in a rain storm and went off the track & down the side of a hill. He said it was steep enough for the T4 to roll right down to the bottom over and over, but put it down to the large roll-cage and the bank being very wet so it could slide on its side, to contain the force of any momentum out. If it had rolled he and his passengers would all be history. The roll cage was slightly bent but still had enough shape for me to install (just)a stock Joyner hard enclosure a few weeks later.
  7. Maybe two trees and two 2.5 tonne strops, one strop to winch up (or another UTV with a winch) and the other strop connected to a tree to stop it rolling all the way. I’d thread the strop though the front and rear of the top of the roll cage for better control, or even better --- two strops to the tree. Here is some indication of the rollover point in this old YouTube video.
  8. We can now add Zip open Windows for all new orders on any Pacific Eagle Enclosures that include Doors. For two door models add only $39.99 per set & four door models add only $79.99 per set. We have new models and colors and will be adding new features this year so keep an eye on http://www.pacificeagleusa.com/ Cheers Mike.
  9. Kinarfi, have you considered using Lexan MR10? It’s got a abrasion coating on both sides which gives you resistance against abrasion. Windshield wipers are no problem. It also has enhanced UV protection, but like most improvements, it costs plenty more. I think about $100 more per sheet.
  10. Right you are Edge, Sand Spider it was.
  11. Everything shown on the Trooper T2 webpage will be available to you with a 5% discount off the advertised price. We are working on Summer Promos for all brands and have not added any Joyner products yet. Any Summer Promo prices wont be legible for a further 5% discount. Have a look at the Polaris Ranger Crew webpage to get an idea of these very shape promo prices and if there is something your interested in post back and I’ll se what I can do. We may not be able to include a Lexan Windshield for the Trooper due to the larger size. Cheers Mike
  12. Check out the Cab Enclosures Summer Promos for most UTV models at http://www.pacificeagleusa.com/ now or contact Lenny. These prices will blow your socks off. Cheers Mike.
  13. Yep, she is a beast alright and many years in the making. It’s got the 812cc Renegade engine in the old Sand Viper 650 body (Commando engine). No comparison between the two. Pity it took too long to get to market, geez I might be selling Joyners if it was a year or so earlier. Cheers Mike.
  14. Chery engines are made by Chery and used by many Off Road and On Road Vehicles. The JD engine is the Chery 812cc and is the same as the Joyner Renegades. JD followed Joyner after testing the engine out. JD has the Auto Trans and is down on power a bit from the Renegades Manual Trans set-up. It’s the fastest ever Gator but against Joyner it’s behind both the Trooper and Renegade. Cheers Mike.