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    In my younger years, I was heavy into CJ 5 Jeeps. Followed an old mine trail and had to be pulled off the top of a mountain, in Arizona, by search and rescue.
    Currently have a 2008 Joyner Trooper 2 1100cc side by side and a 2009 Polaris RZR. Not much into going up old mine trails these days - do not want to call search and rescue again. Still like trail rides and hunting.
    Also into remote control aircraft. Have been building for the last twenty five years, but still a novice when it comes to flying. Trying to learn though.

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  1. Good Catch. You are correct - The original lug nuts were used to attach the spacer and the nuts that came with the spacer were used to attach the wheel. I will change them around and see what happens. Thank You for your response.
  2. Specific problem is with the lug nuts coming off on trail rides. Purchased the RZR used and it came with spacers, mag wheels and what appears to be standard lug nuts that came with the spacers. The tires and wheels were upgraded from the standard 12" up to a 14" - guess the previous owner was looking for a bit more ground clearance. Does anyone have a solution to keeping the lug nuts tight, long enough to do a trail ride? or Is there a special aftermarket stud and lug nut combination that is better suited for my application?
  3. I have attached a couple of pictures. The part is located down at the bottom of the battery box and hard to get a picture of, but did my best. I was able to include a picture of the part itself. There are two metal brackets welded to the side of the battery box. A rubber boot slips over the two brackets and the blinker fits securely into the rubber boot. The part came from Borossi-Joyner, part # JSG142 and the price was $9.99.
  4. Found it. On the 2008 there is a mount on the battery box (next to the tranny tunnel) that the turn signal blinker is mounted to. When I pulled the part number, it looks like they used the same blinker as the 650 sand viper sand buggy. Found the part on E-Bay for $10.00. Thank you for your help.
  5. Looks like they made changes between the 08 and 09 models. I attached a couple of pictures for you to look at. I have to be out of town until Monday, so will have to put this on the back burner until then.
  6. The connections at the light have been checked and found to be ok. With the turn signal turned to the left, both lights come on, but do not blink. With the turn signal turned to the right, both lights come on, but do not blink. There is a black box behind the drivers seat, but it does not contain fuses. There is a sealed (white) box behind the passenger seat? When you refer to fuses under the dash r/f side, do you mean the passenger side? If so, how do you get to it? There is a cover panel, however it does not have blind nuts on the inside and the nuts turn with the bolt.
  7. The turn signal lights come on, but do not blink. I was told that it is similar to a car and that I would find a burnt out blinker under the dash. This is not the case with my Trooper. Where should I be looking next? If anyone has a picture of the area, that would sure help.
  8. Had a problem with out 2008 Joyner T2 dropping the rear axle off the differential. Put a limit strap on each side of the rear shocks using longer bolts and the existing shock mounts. Have ran this way for the last six months and the axle problem seems to be solved. At first we used normal bolts, but found that they were bending. Went to high strength bolts and that problem was solved too.

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