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Aftermarket and manufacturer sponsored UTV specials. Product discounts, web only specials, etc. You must have at least 10 forum posts to start a new thread in here. Threads are only active after approval by staff.

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    • Silverbullet/ Sorry we are making a new website so if you need can call me 928 246 6819.We are still making  engines. cylinder heads.stock and performance part thank you  
    • So I spoke with the dealer, who contacted Kymco-USA...  I guess there was some back and forth between them, as the dealer decided to try another 700i LE that he had on the lot. Everything the same as mine, with the same speedo error results. We checked speedo speed with my GPS and also with the GPS feature on one of the mechanic's smart phone. The smart phone and my GPS matched perfectly. The speedo in the Kymco, not so much. ..... My dealer is going to investigate further with Kymco USA, as it seems that the error is almost exactly the same on all the units.  Looks like Kymco has a design problem. It will be interesting to see if they want to own it, or ignore it.....   Patiently waiting......      
    • Are the yamaha rhino rear axles the same I have a 2008 big muddy made by hisun and the rear axles for hisun are expensive and the rhino is about half the price? Thanks if anyone has info
    • silverbullet the more i look .You should replace u joints.If you wait and ujoint braks you can damage the oil pan or the engine.
    • silverbullet looks good  i would have replace u joints .They go bad all the time.If you need part#   rich