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    • Joyner now accepting trade in on the purchase of a new unit.

      Send me pictures and all the details on your used Joyner and i will reply with a offer. You can also contact me directly at the office. Thank you.  

      By JoynerUSA, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • News on supercharger up date

      As you know we are refining our supercharger to be affordable for the customer.We have a custom fuel system.It has a special Maf sensor Our system has two extra injectors that will feed more fuel as the boast builds.Its not all at once but adds more as boast ramps up.This is one part of the system.Next we are using a sealed water inter cooler using the latest technology.Small pump and small heat exchanger.That is all in one unit.Bolt on the Manifold hook up a few wires and your done.We can raise or lower boost buy changing the pulley.Our test vehicle is a 800cc.Joyner 4x4 we have and EGT, Air Fuel ratio, boost gauge.So we can adjust every thing to make a reliable supercharger kit.We still have a little more work.

      By silverbullet, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • For sale guys best offer

      09 trooper lots done air ride shocks 1500 miles new balljoints rear trailing arms welded for more support runs awesome brakes good tires are awesome bad news front diff making noise it iwas rebuilt not sure if it's just the 4x4 shift fork or what. rear diff were rebuilt by a Joyner guy. Make me an offer pm me I'll take pics give u all info

      By charlie, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • Help me make the right purchase!!!

      I am going to buy a maverick or wildcat X in the next 2 weeks. I have driven both in a very small area with no way to tell which is better so I am relying on you all to help steer me in the right direction. The cat had power steering and does have more travel. I wonder if the longer stance would help in hill climbing and stability vs the maverick. Please share any experience you may have in hill climbing. I have had atvs, dirtbikes and a jeep rubicon and hoping this will satisfy my off road enjoyment since I no longer have any of that now. The maverick was definitely more comfortable to sit in and has a nicer cockpit. I was unable to gauge power or suspension in the limited area available at the dealer I mostly ride black dirt or clay. Sometimes sand and rock but not often. I am usually on tighter trails. I wont something that wont be a mechanical money pit. Its an expensive toy and I don't want to burn through more money at it just to keep it running. Unbiased advice would be appreciated supported by some basis of why one or the other is better. Thank you all.

      By christrx, in UTV General Discussion

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