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Coleman UTV Cover (Black) On Sale $42.88

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    • By Louis Limoges
      Hey guys ! I installed a snow track set on my 550 UTV last year and it does a great job even though the engine is not that big. Broke 2 wheel studs so I temporatily replaced them with bolts but I would like to go back to the studs before reinstalling the tracks this winter. Any idea what the default studs are so I can order replacements ? Thx !
      Edit : Any reseller to recommend if I want to order them online in Canada ? 
    • By Tracker800
      Has anyone found a good cover for a 800SX LE. Cabela's has a good heavy duty cover with zippers so you can access the cab without removing the cover but the dimension sizes are too small for the Tracker. 
    • By OviV
      Has anyone found aftermarket side mirrors that work with angled bars on the 800sx other than the super expensive factory ones?
    • By Ric Silveira
      I like to get ngk idirinium plug for it anyone know part number.
      Thank you
    • eManualOnline
    • By Alex
      Earlier this week — and after much anticipation — Lexus unveiled the new 2022 LX 600 SUV. It's a luxurious American version of the new Land Cruiser and shares a V6 powertrain with the new Toyota Tundra pickup. The LX wasn't a shock; it's just about the most characteristically "Lexus" vehicle one could imagine, except perhaps the LS sedan. But Lexus also released a different vehicle you would not have expected this week.
      At the end of the LX announcement video, Lexus teased a new mobility concept called the "Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle," or ROV. It's an all-terrain vehicle — or, as we will choose to interpret it, a supremely badass golf cart — that runs on a hydrogen combustion engine. Sadly, Lexus did not include an utterly superfluous spindle grille, although the shape of the front end will certainly remind you of that shape.

      An ATV makes perfect sense as a showcase for hydrogen combustion. One of the technology's most significant drawbacks for current production use is that it can't produce as much power as gasoline combustion engines with the same size engine footprint. So a low-speed wood path cruiser could get away with far less power than a recreational on-highway vehicle.
      Read more from source: https://www.gearpatrol.com/cars/a37974052/lexus-off-road-atv-concept/
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    • By rhinoknockoff
      I have a Coleman (Hisun 700 engine) vintage 2014 model. It is my beater for around my acreage so it gets very little use. Have a much nicer ride for going on road and trail runs. Anyway, this year I notice at startup with a cold engine the high temp warning light comes on right away and does not go off. Engine does not seem to overheat but the radiator fan never seems to come on-but may not be running it long and hard enough for that to happen. 
      Any ideas why the engine high temp warning light would come on and stay lit with the engine cold?
    • By tsheh4
      For whats its worth, I emailed Coleman about getting my MSO and the guy there was able to send me a current manual for my buggy, the one it cane with and the one on Tractor supplies website seems to be for an older model. Nothing seems to have changed except for the column mounted controls.
    • By cliffyk
      View File Outfitter-UT400-ShiftCable Adjustment
      I got this from Coleman, detailed instruction re: shift cable adjustment...
      I forgot to mention you will need two 22 mm wrenches for the cable lock nuts. I hacked up a couple of cheap "quality tools for less" combination wrenches using a cut-off wheel in an angle grinder:

      Kind of like "flare nut wrenches", good for light duty like this.

      Submitter cliffyk Submitted 03/19/2021 Category Coleman  
    • By cliffyk
      I got this from Coleman, detailed instruction re: shift cable adjustment...
    • By Rob DeVido
      Hi all!  My name is Rob and I'm new the the UTV world. I'm Glad to be here and learn from the experts here on the forum.
      I have a frustrating question to ask the experienced members on here  regarding the gear oil for my Coleman 400. The manual recommends for the final drive  SAE 80 API GL-4 Hypoid gear oil and for the Diff SAE 80 API GL-5 Hypoid gear oil. I can't find this stuff anywhere( I'm in Calgary by the way) ..especially the GL-4 stuff. If I find something close , it's not Hypoid , or only GL-5 What is everyone using , whats safe? is the dual rated stuff good to use in both places,  most of the dual rated stuff I find saids not recommended for a wet clutch. Obviously I have a lot to learn about this , so I'm here to learn and ask for some advice. Appreciate any input, help and guidance.....thanks -Rob

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