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Silver Bullet Motorsports Legit or Not?

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Buying from Silver bullet like sushi at a truck stop? Over the years seeing him on this forum I assumed he was legit but now I am seeing lots of negative feedback. Selling engines you don’t have and taking money on a website for false inventory is fraud. Not sure if that is the case or not but getting sinking feeling it might be the case after making an order yesterday and getting no follow up or response immediately to my calls for clarification.  Anybody with experience? 

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I've found five different address locations around Yuma, AZ for this company reported on Yelp, Groupon and BBB websites.  They move around a lot.  YP yellow pages shows three different addresses all with the same phone number.  I don't think they are so busy to need three simultaneous locations in a small city.  One of the five addresses is an empty farm field.  I'm not sure, but it appears now that operations is being conducted from a private residence south of the Yuma airport (BBB reported address).  They don't get very many good reviews.  Could be the supply chain delay from China, could be something else.

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As a follow up.......this guy has given me the run around for 2 months. I ordered per his instruction a rebuilt motor and have yet to see a tracking # just a bunch of bullshit. I’d say he is running a fraudulent website taking substantial money for parts he does not have. Reporting it as fraud on Monday and will get credit card company fraud division after him. What a letdown and really pisses a person off somebody is facilitating fraud in that way. He personally told me to make the payment which I did and the engine would be shipped within a week.  What a douche bag.

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I called looking for parts and Rich told me to send my cylinder head to him because there complicated and he was real familiar with them and all the parts to repair it

After a few weeks I called to see how it was going and we said it hadn't got there. I tracked it and it was delivered, so he yelled at someone there to check the back porch

Wala it was there he said, he would get right on it as months went by and many phone calls from different numbers I have I could get thru but got hung up on or told ill call you right back. 

Then one day Phone number was unavailable, checked the web site and it was down.. No Head!!!!!!!

If me and Rich Meet someday, I have something for him..........

Meanwhile I purchased a head from  http://www.freewai.com Should of gone that route to began with...

Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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