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Rebuilding engine in our 2008 Trooper T2

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Well, after a bad experience with repairs to our Trooper, Lloyd tore into the engine himself. We originally wanted to save time by hiring the engine rebuild out, but that bit us square in the butt. Remember the discussion about Silverbullet motorsports in Yuma??

Stay tuned....we'll let you know what happens. 

Has anyone rebuilt the engine in these troopers?

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Well, we found a problem with the crank that probably came from the factory; found gunk in the oil pick up tube caked on the screen; found crap in the oil pan; good grief. This was supposed to have been a rebuilt motor...???  Also, JoynerUSA wants an arm and a leg for the parts  list we've given them so far. I'm wondering how much the trade agreement with China and the tariffs are affecting that. Thanks Dwayne, we'll probably be asking questions.

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Update gang...

Rebuild done, Joyner running beautifully. We also rebuilt nearly the whole buggy. The original color was camo, but that's all faded now to a muddy green. We bought new fenders all the way around, I got tired of hubby throwing cactus and cow sh*it all over me! LOL!! The new fenders are wider than the originals, and help keep that nonsense off of me, from the 12x30's we're running. Also added small rubber mud flaps hubby manufactured for a little additional protection. Now it doesn't sit idle very long...


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On ‎8‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 9:08 PM, Racinaround said:

I rebuilt mine!! nothing different then a regular engine..

Yeah, it was the time that was the problem. In the end, it took us a lot of time and frustration trying to save time. Oxymoron, I know!! LOL!! 

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