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  1. 2x4 Commando 2006, 650cc. with maual dump bed. Looks like my LR CV is dry. I've pulled these CV's out of the Class 1 cars we ran so should be about the same principal with these I think. If any one has a you tube vid on pulling CV out and rebuilding that would be awesome. There still feels like a 1/2" of play maybe in the dif gears. Is that to much. Are the rear CV's available?
  2. Correct, Commando always locked. I do drive on pavement some from cabin to the BLM land but take it very easy when turning. I will drain fluid and check the Diff fluid for metal. I completely forgot about the CV jt could be the culprit and a WHOLE lot cheaper if they are available for my machine.
  3. I have a 2006 2x4 Commando 650. This past weekend I noticed a clunking type noise coming from the rear diff when turning sharp and more so when backing up in a turn. There does seem to be some side play. It is full of fluid. What should I look for before hunting season gets me stranded.
  4. rwwiefer


  5. Should have ask this as well, any recommendation for anti freeze/ brand, mixture.
  6. Sorry thought the pic would attach Lucas SAE 80w90
  7. this okay to run in my 2006 650 4x2 Commando rear axle.
  8. I can take a couple pics tonight if you still need them.
  9. Anyone know how much timing I can run on a 2006 650cc.
  10. On my 2006 650 Commando the dash display went out for a while then back on, happen a couple more times now it is OUT. Any ideas what to look for, I traced the wiring to make sure nothing got snagged or cut. Everything looks fine. Is there away to check this to see if it burned out maybe.
  11. Searched some for this but not seeing what I'm looking for. I have a 2006 Commando 650, I just re tro fitted a Polaris Razor rack and pinion in it and need to change the tie rod ends. What I would prefer is changing them to SAE threads. The Razor rack is set for 5/8" bore heims which I have and I can make my own aluminum tie rods from scrap tubing. I have all sae taps so that is why I prefer changing the tie rods ends to sae. I thought about drilling the spindles and using heims there as well but I think I need to keep the higher height of the tie rod ends to keep my Bump steer to a minimum.
  12. I ended up buying a new carb from Silver Bullet. For thos e interested I had a co worker translate the box it came in and did alittle research and appears the model number is #CSP30, fits Suzuki / cars with a 462Q engine. Was unable to research which actual cars this motor is in. If anyone is bored and wants to add to this I would like to know in case I need a carb kit later on or jets.
  13. Finally got back to this 4x4 black box, you were right about moisture, it was toast so I did some reseach and found one on ebay for $70.00 off a Artic Cat that works great. I did silicone this one up real good. Never did find a fuse that supposedly is under the pass seat.
  14. I know this topic is kinda old, but has anyone put a different rack on the Commando 650 (C2) 2006. My is getting pretty sloppy and takes a 1/2 acre to do a full 360 anyway. Used mostly for hunting in the Mtns in Az and can be a pain turning around on top of a mtn trail with drop offs...
  15. Hey guys, I have 2006 650 Commando, Need to rebuild the carb, does anyone know of a kit for them. I read somewhere in a thread a few months back about what carb fit the 650 from a car- geo maybe. I have not used the 650 since last January on a hunt and now the carb is plugged up. I'm sure I can clean it but once I takle it apart the seals/gasket will probally be toast. Any help would be appreciated.

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