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Tie rod ends


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Searched some for this but not seeing what I'm looking for. I have a 2006 Commando 650, I just re tro fitted a Polaris Razor rack and pinion in it and need to change the tie rod ends. What I would prefer is changing them to SAE threads. The Razor rack is set for 5/8" bore heims which I have and I can make my own aluminum tie rods from scrap tubing. I have all sae taps so that is why I prefer changing the tie rods ends to sae. I thought about drilling the spindles and using heims there as well but I think I need to keep the higher height of the tie rod ends to keep my Bump steer to a minimum. Once I get this complete I will post some pics of the rack and how I mounted it. It appears I will sure improve the turning radius.

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Keep an eye on the CVs that they don't start binding as you get tighter turn radius' !

Jact the wheels off the floor with jack as close to the wheel as you can get, turn your wheel hard right and hard left hold it there while you rotate each wheel and feel for little bumps caused by the CV binding. It's my guess that you already have all you can get.

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