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  1. Hi there. Has anyone run across any higher quality rear swing arm bushings for the troopers?
  2. 12TROOPERT2


  3. Hi there 2Scoops! So far i have almost 1200 miles on my 12 mod year T2 and its had minor problems. Some of which i have covered. The break caliper that was slapping was due to a sticky mud plugged port which the calliper floats on. One other isue i have is the lower hiem joints on the front a arms are getting sloppy but easy fix got new ones strait from Joyner for good price think 60 dollars total. Had one shock blow a seal on the front too but this is all due to 1000 miles of rough roads so something has to give eventually i guess. Oh and the headlamp wireing was ziptied way too tight which c
  4. Yes anyone know of the status of Joyner hope they are still going strong! I love my 2012 T2 and hope they make it for long time to come
  5. Hey fellas have had a couple more isues with my 2012 trooper one was a problem that evaded me for a week before i figured it out. I came down a steep grade and i mean STEEP to and the fuel pump started getting loud after i leveled out it would get quiet like it got gas now and again so luckaly we made it to camp with only a few spits and sputtrers. After getting back i noticed fuel pressure dropping off and finally syopped falling at 10 psi so i bought the pump and filter (pump out of mid 90s Ford truck & filter from a Chevy) only to find out the fule regulator set screw had came lose so w
  6. Hey fellas raed this topic through and was curious about a brand new turbo i actually bought for a mustang i had. The turbo is a T4 that is made for 1.9 to 2.3 liter ford 4 cylinder engines and i figured since i allready have it can i run it on my stock engine or do i have to put lots of mods on it?
  7. Actually the brakes on my 2012 are really good grabbing brakes. They will stop me pretty fast and most time will slide the tires on loose dirt. On asphalt i will leave skid marks easy. Gotta ask do your 30inch tires interfear with the fenders at all?
  8. Finally got my skid plates back and going to go test em out on an elk hunt tgis weekend they only cost me $150. Also found one problem area for anyone who has a 2012 joyner to look at. Problem is that the bolts are not locktited in place and vibrate loose on the brake callipers. Allredy rattled two of my callipers untill they fell free but nothing a little BLUE LOCKTITE not red cant fix. Also if you have had this problem pay attention to the other brakes as there is a thin washer between the mounting surfaces of the calliper and the hub housing surface. Also has anyone put any interco black mo
  9. To answer you questio 2scoops I ordered it from motobuys in california and my trooper shipped out of nevada.
  10. The welder i took the skids to is building the rear diff plate out of 3/8 in. Aircraft alluminium and the mane plates out of 1/4 in. aircraft alluminium. That should do then slowly build more for the whole bottom side. You guys know if this little engine will push 29 in. tires and klimb still if its stock?
  11. Hi fellas anyone knoe where a guy is suposed to wire in the off road light bar? My 2012 came with the top rack and light bar and i cannot find the pigtail for the light bar. It has a switch in the dash just for the lightbar but cant find the wires. Any help would be great thanks guys! My rig is a Trooper T2 1100
  12. Hey fellas im new here but have recently bought a 2012 trooper t2. Love the thing for sure! Only have 190 miles on it so far but it seams rock sollid really. Only chinsy thing about it are the skid plates! They are around a 16th in. Thick alluminium and for us rocky trail runners/climbers thats way to flimbsy. Almost had a rock penitrate my skid and hit my gas tank to its getting new skids built at the welders. Its an awsome rig though for sure. Not sure if the rear diff is upgraded for the 12 modle wouldnt know what to look for. Also i ordered some 29x9,50 r14 swampers for it and got lots mo

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