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    Joyner trooper t4
  1. scimaro

    Joyner Trooper Power Steering

    Do you have any more pics.? I tried buying a kit with silver built but couldn’t get a price once I got a price , couldn’t get them to ship .
  2. scimaro

    New 2014 Trooper T2

    Charle, Where in NH do you go? I live in NH but live 5 min from MA. I have 2009 T4 trooper and really only take it on the ice in the winter and plow with but would really like to start taking it elsewhere.
  3. scimaro

    Automatic Transmission for Trooper

    Anyone with automatic trans for trooper?
  4. scimaro

    Automatic Transmission for Trooper

    Ok, does anyone have an answer to why I cannot shift gears when the temp drops below forty degrees? I know most of you Joyner owners live in the south, so I'm hoping someone traveled to the north and can help me fix this problem. Otherwise, does anyone know where I can get a cheap auto transmission?
  5. scimaro

    Trooper T2-T4

    What is the cost for power steering on a trooper t4?
  6. scimaro

    Ranger Bench 08 Adjustable Headrest.JPG

    Are these for or will they fit in a joyner trooper t4?
  7. scimaro

    Joyner Parts Available

    By any chance you still have a soft top for a trooper t4?
  8. scimaro

    Would you buy a new Joyner today

    I've noticed that the teamjoynerusa web site is now under construction. Have they found a new distributor?
  9. scimaro

    Joyner website gone.

    Has anyone tried ordering anything from teamjoynercanada? Looked at their site today not much stuff when it comes to parts and accessories.
  10. scimaro

    New to forum

    I had to cancel my order for an enclosure two days ago. I was really hoping that I would have received it before they closed their doors. Also still waiting for rods to fix my steering that broke. Dealer ensured me that they would get parts needed. I hope to be on here someday talking about how great it is driving my trooper. Ice has already melted on my lake. So I guess there's always next year.
  11. scimaro

    New to forum

    enclosure I still have not received the parts from Joyner to fix my steering rod. I call there and no one answers. I've been dealing with Mcoys where I bought the plow and enclosure from. Supposedly the person the dealer was dealing with quit and no one took over what he was working on.
  12. scimaro


    This is the same guy I emailed regarding warranty work and he told me he does not work on Joyner vehicles. From info I found it doesn't look like I will be able to reg as a car without it meeting federal safety standards.
  13. scimaro


    Looking up NH law and it states that vehicle must meet United States Department of Transportation motor vehicle safety standards. Do you know where I could find this info out? If it is a will be able to reg in NH. Thanks for the reply
  14. scimaro

    Bench seat for T4

    Does anyone have or know of a bench seat for the t4? If so where can I get one?
  15. scimaro

    New to forum

    Thanks for the help and pics, I noticed on other posts that some people were having problems with fan blowing in the wrong direction. So I decided to check mine. It appears that my trooper is blowing away from the radiator. Is this right? Shouldn't be blowing air towards it?