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Commando Fuel Pump


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We are making the shim for trooper rear wheel bearing.We use them when we sell rear wheel bearing.We will have them in about 3 to 4 weeks.We have been told from Joyner China that there will be no more 650 rear differential being made.We have found that their is a option for and unlocked rear differential still being made.The only thing is the C/V axles will be different.So they will need to get new C/V axles to use the new open differential.This is what i have been told.We will have to see what happens.We have up dated our trooper and viper power steering with 360 watt motor and a bigger transmission.Rated for a 4,000 pound car.Completely water proof and 3 year warranty.We have up graded our hydraulic clutch with Wilwood pedal assembly and master cylinder.You only have to drill 2 holes to install.You just bolt it on and what a difference this system makes driving so much better.The cable system was just the worst thing on the vipers.They would stick and bind and made driving a viper a job to use and then the cable would break.

Thank You

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