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Commando Fuel Pump

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I"ve looked through a bunch of old threads on fuel pumps, but wasn"t able to find an aftermarket fuel pump number. Anybody out there with one? Thanks.

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There's a thread started by trackguy22 back in July, that states that he used a fuel pump from an old 80s pickup. Sorry I can't figure out how to link

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not to confuse ...commando pump,low pressure/carburated...trooper and renegades,high pressure/fuel injected...Hardy

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We are making the shim for trooper rear wheel bearing.We use them when we sell rear wheel bearing.We will have them in about 3 to 4 weeks.We have been told from Joyner China that there will be no more 650 rear differential being made.We have found that their is a option for and unlocked rear differential still being made.The only thing is the C/V axles will be different.So they will need to get new C/V axles to use the new open differential.This is what i have been told.We will have to see what happens.We have up dated our trooper and viper power steering with 360 watt motor and a bigger transmission.Rated for a 4,000 pound car.Completely water proof and 3 year warranty.We have up graded our hydraulic clutch with Wilwood pedal assembly and master cylinder.You only have to drill 2 holes to install.You just bolt it on and what a difference this system makes driving so much better.The cable system was just the worst thing on the vipers.They would stick and bind and made driving a viper a job to use and then the cable would break.

Thank You

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    • By rpyne
      I have been going through the troubleshooting in the manual (pages 17-38 and 17-39), but I can't find anything that looks like the picture in the manual. If I run power directly to the pump, it will start and run but otherwise won't start.
      Any help to this old nubie will be greatly appreciated. My background is electronics, not vehicles.
    • By Ethan McKinney
      This is a carb model not EFI it was in pieces when I got it. I got it running by replacing the fuel pump had to bypass this little reservoir thing I can’t find how it goes back in please help. Machine runs good but I have fuel coming out of the drain on the carb. This is a pic of the reservoir thing thanks

    • By Chris B
      Don't know much about anything utv but I figured out my fuel pump wiring harness needed to be replaced. Installation looks pretty straightforward, plug into fuel pump and plug in the two pigtails. Question is: one of the Pigtails on the old harness I am replacing had a splice in the black wire and attached to a bolt on the engine. Is this necessary?  Is the black wire, I'm assuming it's the ground, grounded at the other end of the pigtail?
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      First post here hope it is in right place as I get familiar with sight. Have a 2003 550 mule,kaf-300-c7. Put on a new carburetor  as old one was in bad shape, jet was frozen in body, although it cranked and idled fine. The problem is: it will crank and idle fine BUT with a slight movement of throttle it wants to die and when more throttle is given it picks up and runs fine. The old carb. and new one does the same thing. The adjustment with the plastic stop does no good. At a loss here. Could it be the fuel pump, as I know nothing about these kind of pumps. any help will be appreciated.
       Thanks, Jim.

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