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  1. To all Joyner owners.The fuel pump in the early troopers were in the wrong place.The filter was before the pump.It should be after the pump.The fuel pump pushes fuel out.The old way it had to suck out of the filter.All new Joyners have the pump in front of filter.Any body that use snorkle should use at least 3 " pipe to the roof.If you want to adjust the controller you need to get air ratio meter so you can see if the mixture is rich or lean
  2. Fuel controller The Renli computer is set up different than the Joyner.
  3. Hey Guys, Sorry haven't got in touch in some time but if you need parts I have or can get them (Silverbulletmotorsports) I have New Brake pads available in stock. Also Completely New design Hydraulic clutch kits bolt-on only need to drill one hole, For 800/1100 vipers Custom made bracket will be on website soon! Silverbulletmotorsports.net (928)344-2117 Give us a Call!
  4. We have just got our 928 344 2117.We have most parts in stock.We have some parts coming from China.We need to get some performance parts cams.Controlers We did not get much from Jose we are going to court to get this deal done. Thanks Frankie.
  5. You should take off the fuse box ussually a wire gets melted in the back and is tricky to see (commen problem) would replace it with a in-line fuse and soter the wires, also i would recomend run a ground wire to the computer,check the connection to those wires I hope this helps
  6. Silverbulletmotorsports is location will be 720 E 39 Pl suite 4 Yuma Az 85365
  7. Hi If parts were paid for with credit card.Call bank and tell them you want to dispute charges. If you paid by pay pal dispute charges Thanks Frankie Silverbulletmotorsports.net Temporary phone number 928 247 3087
  8. Silverbulletmotorsports will be open in a week or two.Jose is no longer in busness.We need to sort out a few things.And we will be up and running.We have a temporary # 928 247 3087 for now.We have parts in stock and on order. Thank You Frankie
  9. Hi Guys It will be a couple of days till Silverbullermotorsports opens.We still need to port phone # plus a few other things.It will be soon as we get Jose to give us info.He is no longer in busness.
  10. To all joyner customers if Silverbulletmotorsports .net has and order that you should let Jose know.I may be able to help but you are running out of time.The dead line is Dec. 28. Thanks Frankie 12/22/2010
  11. Hi Silverbulletmotorsports will set up Visa M/C and Paypal,If we have to order Part we will require a 30% deposit.As i have said if Jose has any orders that you did not recive please call Jose or let me know so i can try to help.Need to know ASAP!!!! Thanks Frankie Ps i have read 6 pages of complants so i know your fustration with the old owner ship.Its a shame he treated Joyner customers in that fashion.This will not happen with Silverbulletmotorsports.net In the coming years.I can assure you.
  12. Frankie I had Jose refund your payment today.You should see It in a day or two.If any body has any orders from Jose You must get back to Jose or me as your last resort.I will try my best but cant promise that i can help.But i will try. Thanks Frankie
  13. I will talk to him on Fri.Or sooner Frankie
  14. We will be up and running Jan 2. 928 344 2117 Web site will be silverbulletmotorsports.net The Phone # will stay 928 344 2117 Same web site silverbulletmotorsports.net I now own all rights to name and web site.We will be up grading web site in the near future. Look foward to talking to you. Thanks Frankie
  15. Hi let me put this to rest.I am going to run my company the same as i have run other parts departmonts.I would not buy a company if i could not afford to buy inventory.At this time there will be only me and a shipper/ helper If you have parts orded from the old silverbulletmotorsports you should try to get in touch with Jose.Please let me know ASAP so i can try to help you.Jose will only be hear till the 28 of Dec.I will run a profesinal busness as i have for years.Jose is going to run his father busness Rick been living in Mexico as far as i know.Lets try to move on this will be my comp

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