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  1. I've heard they are very fast! Will do 88mph with 2 people.
  2. This is for a Renli but I believe we use the same set-up as you Joyner guys. Does anyone know if you can fit 12" wheels on the back? Curious if they will clear the brakes. I plan to put Paddles on my Renli but the cost difference is CRAZY between 12" and 14" wheel paddle tires.
  3. Yes, you just disconnect the battery terminals and touch the two together for about 10sec. It will reset the chery ECU
  4. Anyone that has the fuel controller on their Joyner 1100, do you have any issues with the ECU fighting it self and changing the fuel trims due to having the O2 sensors disconnected? Do you ever have to reset the ECU then everything goes back to perfect, then after some time it goes out of whack again?
  5. The Renli's have 2 electronic parts to the 4wd system, one is a little black box that sends the signal to the electric motor on the diff. When there is a malfunction with the 4wd the box "beeps" to let you know there is something wrong. I replaced the box that send the signal, that didn't solve my issue. It is most likely the electric motor on the diff, when I put it in 4wd the motor doesn't do anything or make any sounds so I'm assuming it's dead or only works sometimes.
  6. Yes it is, however I don't have a trailer right now to get it into a shop. I was hoping it could be something easy but after talking with JMC it looks like it will need some parts to be replaced.
  7. 1. When you say hear the motor in the box run what do you mean, the black box bolted in front? After being in 4wd for about a minute the black box starts beeping really loud. When I shut it off it goes away and if I put back in 4wd it comes back after a minute. 2. I just put a new black box on my Renli last week hoping that was the problem, didn't seam to help. 3. This will have to be my last resort, I don't want to open the diff.
  8. As of recent my 4wd stopped working, when turned on it comes on when it wants to or doesn’t come on at all. When trying to climb something in 4wd you can hear a loud click/clung every little bit, I assume it’s the 4wd trying to engage. Sometimes it comes on/off/on/off all during one hill climb. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  9. For those of you with a "stock" 1100, do you have a flat spot in your power band near redline? Looking to see if the motor just flattens out in power or if it's a fueling/timing issue.
  10. Does anyone have Dyno sheet that they can post? I would like to see the HP/TQ numbers for the Chery 1100, I know the peak numbers but I want to see the power/tq curve. I am working on adjusting my fuel controller and have a flat spot up top that won't seem to go away, I want to know if the motor just flattens out or if it's a fueling/timing issue.
  11. Yea, Dedud helped me dial it in, the settings were way off compared to the Joyner. It still needs a little bit of tweaking but it's pretty close, well it feels like it anyways.
  12. Yes, we had to pull fuel out of it. It was flooding the motor super early and could never really recover from it. The biggest adjustments we made were with the green/blue-yellow/blue-red/blue.
  13. Thank you for all of your help yesterday! The Renli runs much better now than it did with the stock mapping from Dobeck. Maybe the Joyners use a different fuel map for their chery motors than the Renli.
  14. Can you give me the controller settings your running? Mine seem to be way off for my Renli. Not sure if the Renli's are running a different fuel map than the Troopers but I wouldn't think they would. Do you know if the early troopers had a different map than the new Troopers?
  15. I know this is an old topic, however I am running into issues with the fuel controller on my Renli. I am running the Trooper/SV controller, out of the box the setting are way off, I lost Mid and top and power. I've adjusted it some and made very little improvement but still losing power compared to having no controller. Can someone tell me their controllers settings they are using for a stock Trooper/SV?

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