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Chery 1100 Dyno


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Does anyone have Dyno sheet that they can post? I would like to see the HP/TQ numbers for the Chery 1100, I know the peak numbers but I want to see the power/tq curve.

I am working on adjusting my fuel controller and have a flat spot up top that won't seem to go away, I want to know if the motor just flattens out or if it's a fueling/timing issue.

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The flat spot could be a volumetric efficiency problem. Look it up. For short it is the efficiency in which air can flow through the intake on to the cylinder chamber. The speed of this air varies with engine RPMs. It wouldn't be uncommon for an engines port configuration to have a point where the air flow speed is such that it fights itself through turbulence conditions. This could cause a flat spot. If you want to get the most out of your engine you need to first match the ports and open then up in the head for more efficient flow. Done properly, this alone without the controller could give you another 10 to 15 HP. The ports on the Joyner Troopers are vary poorly matched or worse. I'm talking about as much as 1/4" to 3/8" which is ridiculous. Then go to tuning your controller.

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