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  1. j bender


    Parker was fun there is a rv park across road from trail
  2. j bender

    Just the clutch, or...

    Any time you do a clutch you sould replace clutch disc,pressure plate, throw out bearing and surface flywheel that is norm in indistry
  3. j bender

    Front Drive Line

    Check to see how strait the drive line is mine had about 1/2 inch of runout I had a complete new one made had to make too special yokes and use automotive center bearing
  4. j bender

    Front Drive Line

    It's a spring clip inside pry of its hard
  5. j bender

    My Trooper is listed on Ebay

    What no more rides was locking forward to more get togethers every thing ok
  6. j bender

    A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    Had a great time meating every one and great rides lets do it again soon
  7. j bender

    Intakes and Turbo Kits are 100% Ready!!

    Have you been able to put it on a Chassis duno if so any numbers also at what boost? Is It stand alone ECM that can be programmed or add on
  8. j bender

    A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    Reservations are made will be there late thursday hope to meat you all there
  9. j bender

    A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    We will be there but I need the name off the rv park so I can get a space please
  10. j bender

    A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    Is there a camp where we can ride out off rather trailing and if so what is name off park thanks JB.
  11. j bender

    A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    Would be nice but we pull with a 40+ motor home
  12. j bender

    parts suppiers

    Frankie thanks for trying but never heard from him. Card company took care of it or pay pal , next are you planing to stock diff kits t2
  13. j bender

    parts suppiers

    About the diff kits I just left a message again he sill doesn,t answer what can you do
  14. j bender

    parts suppiers

    What about orders that where paid for and not shipped or received I ordered 2 diff kits for a trooper in nov.