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Chery 1100 Fuel Controller - worth the money?


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I'm new here to this site with a Renli RL1100, I'm looking to make more power W/O going turbo or S/C. I read on here about a couple different fuel controllers and wanted to get your thoughts on them and if they are actually worth the money.

(I have used the search function and have read numerous of posts but I figure it would be best for me to just ask a couple of questions to clear up any confusion.)

1. Are the actually worth the money for a stock motor?

2. What are the differences between the Silverbullet and EJK controller?

3. After talking with Silverbullet they guarantee a 15whp gain on a stock motor, is this true?

Thank you for your help!!

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the programmer silverbullets sells is made by ejk or use to be I have it and overall not a huge diffreence but i felt it in the throttle responce I need to get my af sensor to start playing with it

After talking with SB they stated that a stock buggy put down 49.3whp and with ONLY the F/C the buggy put down 62.4whp, that is a substantial difference that should be felt based off their claim.

Do you think it made that much of a difference?

How much did your fuel economy suffer? I'm not that concerned with losing some eco because I am Full throttle most of the time anyway's but today I know I can make a 100mi loop of fun ridding and not having to worry about running out of gas.

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Well I put my fuel controller on and the setting are not right for the Renli out of the box. I've played with the setting a little bit but still can't get it to actually run right.

I lost mid range power and top end power, I have been working with Dobeck to try and get the settings right, hopefully we can make it work.

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