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2022 sector 750 GAS powered: Codes E-113, E-108, E-123, E-132, E-650. What are these?


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Less than 40 miles can barely start. Dealer is working with Hisun on a number of other issues on this UTV. Can not get clear info on the meaning of these E codes this is getting. Anybody have some clear info for me?

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  • nods changed the title to 2022 sector 750 GAS powered: Codes E-113, E-108, E-123, E-132, E-650. What are these?

Sorry but I have no idea. Was an auto tech for 24 years, worked on drivability complaints all the time, before we had the built-in diagnostics like we do now. Had to pinout everything to test but at least they gave us codes that meant something. 

Hisun really needs to get better at getting out diagnostic info. Seems like they have a bunch of rouge programmers out there with each doing their own thing. Really a pity.

Thinking about the lemon law with mine. Not a happy camper here.!

Sorry I can't help You. I know how you feel!

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The codes are at the bottom of the ECU manual page 66. The ECU manual does have some T/S stuff in it. You could be missing a ground to the components listed below. Possibly inside a connector i.e. male to female connector not making contact. 

https://netcult.ch/elmue/HUD ECU Hacker/Delphi MT05 & MC21 Manual.pdf

P0108 MAP Circuit High Voltage

P0113 IAT Circuit High Voltage or Open

P0123 TPS Circuit High Voltage

P0132 O2A Circuit High Voltage

P0650 MIL Circuit Malfunction


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Andy, Thanks so much for the reply.

I was going for a ground concern; it was the E Infront of the codes that was throwing me off. Why didn't they just show a P instead.

It seemed to me it was a loose ground because it changed with the weather, literally every time it rained it had some other fault showing and different running concerns.

I have suggested checking the engine to frame ground to my dealer who has the vehicle now. He seems pretty sharp but is new to Hisun products.

At least now I feel I was on the right diagnostic path. My health is keeping me from doing a lot of the repairs myself. I guess I need to learn to enjoy retirement and let someone else do the work.

Thanks again for the info.

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