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  1. You're sure the pump isn't installed backwards and is wired correctly. You have fuel in the line from the tank? If you follow the fuel line to the fuel filter and disconnect it there do you have fuel shooting out there when the key is on? Either it pumps fuel or it doesn't...If not you may have a bad unit.
  2. I was there a few weeks ago to pick up some shocks, wheel bearings and some suspension parts. Also was given 2 T shirts (score!). They had all the parts I needed in stock. I live in Quartzsite AZ so it's about 150 miles each way. Glad they are still up and running and it doesn't seem like they are going away anytime soon.
  3. Who is she, how do we get a hold of her?
  4. I've ordered a lot of stuff from Joyner and never had a problem with my credit card or getting parts in a timely manner.

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