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Interested in getting a new 1100 renegade R4 4X4.

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I own a few acres of land and would use this for working on the property and for some fun.  What should I expect?  Good product or cheaply made and worthless?  If you were to buy again would you? Would you recommend someone to buy one?  How is the power, gear box, frame, brakes, and steering? The big question is reliability?  


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My opinion:  There is no perfect ATV or UTV.  They all have their + and -.  You can find a lot of videos on YouTube where just about any brand will suffer some kind of failure on the trail, usually due to pushing the machine beyond its limits.  The Renegade does not have a CVT but a automotive style clutch and 5-speed transmission.  The CVT ride is easier because you don't have to manage the power going to the drive axles as much as you would with the Renegade especially on hilly terrain.  I bought my Renegade on the used market and I like it.   The 5-speed transmission is actually a 4-speed with a granny gear.  Unless you're pulling a heavy load, climbing a steep hill or rock crawling, you actually treat 2nd gear as a 1st gear.  The granny gear might come in handy when working the land.  The Renegade, Trooper, both have the Chery 1100cc engine as you already know.  That line of engine is relatively common  in South America, Africa and of course Asia with the larger (>1100cc) engines used in automobiles.  If any UTV has a gasoline powered 3-cyl (800cc) or 4-cyl (1100cc) engine, it might be the Chery engine.  The John Deere 825i Gator has the 800cc version of this engine with a CVT.    I bought mine because I couldn't see spending $15k and up for a machine that a $10k machine can do.  You might have to do much of your own repairs if you can't find a dependable repair facility close to you.  Would I buy another Renegade?  Probably would.  I don't need the CVT or fancy plastics that make other machines look sexy.  Good luck on whatever decision you make.  In any case, you'll like the ride.

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That’s great info and that was what I’m looking for. I would be doing the repairs my self if needed. I’ve been a tech for 19 years. I just can’t see my self paying $20,000+ for bells and whistles.  I just need it for what,  it is a utility vehicle. 

Thank you. 

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I bought my renegade 1100 new in 2014. Paid 10k for it. Use it exactly as you described. I love it. Does everything that I want it to do on the property. I don't have any chores on the property that this machine has failed.  Love my Renegade and would purchase again!

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