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650cc Commando 2008 Battery charging


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What we did when in a similar situation was the same as you ... we replaced all of those parts and still had the light coming on.  After checking all the connections with a load tester (battery testing unit),  my husband installed a volt meter and bypassed the light. He figured out that the sending unit on the light was defective. He said to start checking the system by removing the battery cable while the Joyner is running .... if it quits running, you know that you aren't getting juice from the alternator into the system.

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I didn't throw away the old regulator so I plugged that back in and got no battery light on the dash but also not charging the battery.

When i plugged the new regulator in I got the red light  but still not getting charged.  So I say that is working.

Cables have a the nice cable covering over them and would hate to take that off at this point.  I will check the continuity off the wires from the alternator.

I wonder if the old regulator toasted my new alternator?? May pull that off and take it in to Autozone to have them test it.


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Checking the continuity of the cables, only affirms there aren't any breaks in the wire. You need to test the resistance. That will test for the ability of the wire to carry the full current. Sometimes the cables can corrode internally without any visible on the outside. But its somewhat rare. Usually there's corrosion visible on the ends if that's the problem. So it's unlikely that there's a problem there. But it happens often enough that its worth checking.  

It seems unlikely that two alternators would be bad. But its possible. If it turns out to be bad.  I'd have the thing rebuilt rather than replace it. That gives you a chance to upgrade the alternator to a higher output.

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  • 2 months later...

I finally got back to this and the alternator was fine, regulator fine and battery fine.

So Kenfain you were right about the cables.

But it wasn't the actual wires.

It was actually the connector were the pigtail comes off of the alternator was not making a good connection.

My home remedy of aluminum foil solved the problem.

Now I am looking for a replacement shifter and cables that don't break the bank.  

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