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  1. Miguelrmrz


  2. So over heats and shuts it self?? After how long ?? And how long to reset if it does?? And Thanks for the advice I will keep that in mind
  3. I just wanted to show you guys my finished electric power steering cost me about $150 to complete and maybe like 12 hrs counting time expend at junk yard,( to pick up a 03 saturn ion e. Steering column and spare linkages )... saw that a guy was selling this kit for about $500 on craigsl.. I went on line and researched a bit so decided to make my own. Not sure if any one has done it not too complicated just time consuming..you will need the 03 ion electric motor, and need to get on ebay and buy this module that a guy sells for about $70, (((module comes with a adjustment knob to set desired t
  4. Ok I havent had a lot of time to work on putting my rear diff. Back together , So last weekend I finally installed the new bolts, a couple new bearings, ( input shaft bearings and the cone side bearing).. Also a few shims ."BUT" when I finished puting the cover I noticed that, while turning the input shaft on one revolution of the out put shafts, the input shaft will go from nice and lose to very tight,, it seems to me that the ring gear is not centered, question is.. Is this a common problem? Posible solutions?? Thanks in advance...
  5. I didn't know there was a guide about shimming the gears I will look for it, what Im trying to do is to duplicate al the existing shims and see how many I can double up to close the gaps and make gears have more face contact, i was also thinking on making one big shim for the ring gear to push it more against the pinion gear and yes it may be noisy after but hopefully tighter ( less play)."".I'm sure some tried this before please advise"".
  6. High desert abouth her( 26946 Solar Rd Lucerne Valley, CA 92356 United States)
  7. Here is the damage, i figure it out how to add pics , I will add pics of the progress
  8. That looks bad .. I picked up some bolts and a small sheet of thin of bronce, (i want to make shims/washers for the 4 small gears) hopefully wife let me work on it tonite...also do you know were can i look for shims for the two out put shafts..(i want to get rid of some of the play) rigth after this im taking the front apart too (then I finish my electric power steering proyect) and so on.
  9. Ok I finaly removed the rear diff.. It seem like the only damage I caused were the 12 or so small bolts,(they all snapped).. everything else looks clean.. (I dont know how to add pics)
  10. Im sorry, I new to this, Im in Moreno valley CA, vehicle had 600 miles on it, When i bought it it had 120 miles since then , i have replace the diff. Oil at least 3 times, the first time I removed the oil had a lot of fine metal (dust like)shavings, Before the break I felt the play on it and I attempted to remove it but i had problems loosen up the axel nut on one side and pull the axel from the differential on the other so I refilled the oil and keep driving it, the day of the loss I was driving kind of hard in and out of 4x4 and locking unlocking it, all I heard was I bang like i hit a ro
  11. I blew up my rear differential last weekend and front still works but I felt a lot of play question is Where is the best place to get a new or rebuild rear diff. Or is there any other option besides a joyner differential..

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