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New Joyner Renegade R2 1100 oil sensing unit upgrade

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I need some help.


I bought a new Renegade in June 2021 and have only put 60 miles on it and the other day checking cows I noticed the oil light on and the oil gauge reading zero and the oil light on.


Is there a better oil sensing unit than the factory?   I've ordered one from Joyner ($60) but would like to have a supply if they are going to go out after 60 miles. 



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Was that oil light and pressure reading while idle?  Mine does that, too at idle.  The problem with Chery engines is that the oil pump barely has the volume needed at idle to maintain 10 psi per 1,000 rpms.  I put 50 weight oil in mine and it helps a little (15 psi at idle).  I bought a replacement on Amazon (VDO brand) because I thought I had the same issue.  No change.  But they are common on Amazon.  You might consider checking the oil pressure with an independent gauge (that's not made in China).

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It was hot when it went out.  I had changed oil from a 0w40 to a 10w30 (for the winter)  I have since changed oil again back to 10w40.  Still Little if any gauge response and the oil light is on.  The engine sounds fine and since it has a manual oil pump I'm not really too concerned still it's just the fact that it's practally brand new and this happened.  Only use it to check cows weekly.  Never been rained on.  No mud.  Never even had it in 4wd


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