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    Stay as far away from Hisun as you can, fit and finish nice but I bought a truck load and every single machine failed in the first 5 miles and took months to get parts. 5 out of 5 generators failed as well and they would not offer any warranty support! They set up dealers just to get rid of inventory. Units that cannot be retailed to dealers goes to the auction house and drives the value down, Nada wont ever put a resale value for Hisun on their website. They do not support dealers, I finally got my last one to the auction house and the throttle cable broke on it way to the selling line! Its like throwing money away doing business with these folks... Run away and hide from Hisun as fast as you can! or just send me the cash!
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    Here is a video of the linear actuators that I used on my Saltdogg salt spreader. I used 2, 2” actuators and made the attaching hardware. No more getting out to open and close the salt hopper. I’m almost done with the blade tilter so, I don’t have to get out of my toasty machine, thanks to the heater that I fabricated IMG_1453.MOV
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    Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Get an ammeter and connect it between the negative battery terminal and the negative battery cable. Then start pulling fuses until you notice a drop in the ammeter reading. That's the problem circuit. 1/4amp or less is okay. That could be caused by a clock or standby current for the ECU. You're looking for a larger current draw that would cause the sparking that you noticed. Take the battery and see if they can test it. The problem with these smaller batteries measured in Amp Hrs instead of CCA is that some places can't check them. Their equipment is calibrated in CCA. Some use an unreliable method of converting Amp Hrs to CCA by multiplying Amp Hrs x 7.5. At least it will give you something to test against. I keep a trickle charger on my SxS battery.
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    I purchased a Red Massimo Buck 400EFI recently from Massimo Motor. It was very simple to purchase on line, it was quick and painless. After placing my order, I got a call from the Massimo Motor Customer Service Department (Eddie). He wanted to confirm my order and he let me know that they were building my UTV and gave me an estimated date of completing and delivery. Upon completion of the unit, Eddie reached out to me to let me know that it would be shipping and that I should expect it within 7 business days of his call. I actually received it 3 business days after his call. The truck driver was very polite and helpful. We got the UTV off the truck and away I went. We have a small tree farm and we needed something that we could use to maintain our little farm with ease. The Buck 400EFI performs as expected. It runs really well; it looks good and the most important thing about it is that my wife loves it. A few days after receiving my UTV, Eddie from Massimo Customer Service called to make sure that we had received the UTV with no problems and to see if everything was OK with the unit. He told me that if anything were to come up with the unit, to not hesitate to contact him and he would help us resolve any issue that may arise. I am very happy that I purchased this UTV from Massimo Motor and IF I had to do this again, I WOULD in a heartbeat. Eddie at customer service is outstanding and because of him, I would recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing one of these UTV’s, to ask for him. He will take good care of you. Sincerely P.Q. Very Happy Customer
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    Hydraulic lifters use oil pressure, and should be full of oil to perform properly. It's possible water or dirt got in them and that's what is clacking/causing them to clack. I know when cars get old and start to click is usually due to the lifters not holding good hydraulic pressure.
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    I normally would not post a negative comment. I am 74 years old and have been in a wheelchair for the last 51 years. I would agree, if you are mechanicialy inclined and physical able, the HiSun and other Chinese units are working considering. I just want a unit that get me from point A to B in very moderate terrain. Yes, perhaps, I received a “Lemon”, but I don’t think so. At my age & physical situation I am not going out and trying to distory it. When I took delivery, I experienced the following: 1. The brakes barely worked. I bled the brake system several times, with little improvement. Then went looking for replacement pads, which was a bit of a challenge. New pads helped some, however it is apparent to me I must have a small leak in the brake system, which requires frequent bleeding. 2. The first time I got up to 30 mph, the clutch system failed, trashing the primary & secondary Clutches, belt and cover. $1,500.00 later new clutch system replaced. 3. After unit gets warmed up it refuses to shift. I must turn engine off, wait a few seconds then it will shift. Have reduced RPM and adjusted shift linkage countless times “Zero improvement” 4. Now after 147 miles the water pump has failed. Yes, it can be replaced, but what will fail next. Way too many issues for 147 miles of moderate use. Yes, I have contacted Hisun Corporate offices, and I always was Polite Corporate suggested I trade it in for a newer unit, with improvements. My opinion this is Not the way to build a Company or positive image. Had I not found the outfit in Missouri named “Motorcycle Doctor”, I would be totally up the creek. In my case, I have HAD to find help!! Several of the local cycle/UTV shops have refused to even look much less consider working on my unit.
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