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    Hey all!! I have a 2001 550 that won't or run. Good spark and gas to the new carburetor but it seems no fuel to spark plug. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Yes...that is correct....it will just stutter etc...sometimes it will rev up but with difficulty...
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    Tried the wrap. After 8 miles the pipe was red. Figured it was shortening the head pipe life far too much. Removed the wrap and prefabed a shield between the headpipe and driveshaft.
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    I don't know where you can get a direct fit kit.. But I built the power steering for my Joyner Trooper out of a Chevy 02-07 Vue / 05-06 Equinox electric power steering rack and a controller kit both available on eBay.. The kit gives you a knob on the dash allowing you to control the strength of the power steering assist. Seeing that yours is a electric vehicle, You just have to make sure that you have a good solid 12v source to power everything.
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    Our new Sector E1 electric has 45 miles on the odo. It frequently goes into shutdown mode after a few minutes of putzing around the farm. Instrument panel gives a flashing message “45C”. I presume that this means the batteries are overheated. The temperature indicator is maxxed. No stunt driving involved, just the grandkids bumping along in low range across the pasture. Of course, the owners manual does not reference this condition. We park it for a while and it returns to normal; at least until the next overheat. Has anyone else been bothered by this?
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    Thank you Travis. Just ordered it, maybe this order will go through. My last order for a used one off ebay was canceled due to error in ad they said showing still available when it had been sold. I have not been able to find another one, so thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    couldn't resist! Do you have a fuel filter on this model? Could be clogged. Also any small crack in a fuel line can do bad things. Does the engine have points and condenser or the newer electronics?
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    Tie a carrot to a long stick and hold out in front of the Mule, should go forward then. It's worked in the past!
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    I did find another issue and it started...it does idle good but has a very severe hesitation on acceleration...i did put on a new omw carb. Hardly has enough power to move...any thoughts?
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    The engine makes it look like your ride is a Joyner Commando 650; maybe an early year model. The picture of the engine compartment on other websites is very, very similar to yours for the Commando. The same engine is used in the Joyner Sandspider and probably other rides. That should give you a start in searching for parts.
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    The engine block casting process is pretty standardised, and would need to have some sort of piece to attach the coolant hose. So they used a typical thermostat housing. That way they don't have to engineer a hose nipple. Then pay to have it manufactured, which would only increase costs. The thermostat housing can be easily sourced. And it's common in any manufacturing industry to source common, non- propietary parts from elsewhere, and not manufacturing in- house. So it's natural to call it what it is, even though it doesn't actually contain a thermostat. That would be my guess. I'm sure that you could put one in there if it has the relief cut around the rim. So that the thermostat would properly seat, & seal. Although that wouldn't help your overheating problem. My guess would still be a water pump problem, or air in the system. Of course, not examining it personally, I can't totally rule out a blockage in the system, a clogged radiator or internally collapsed hose or something. But that seems extremely unlikely, and I trust that you've eliminated those possibilities.
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    I don't see how a thermostat missing would cause overheating. The thermostat is used to get the motor to heat up to operating temp, so you can run a heater, etc. Lack of a thermostat would cause it to run too cool. I'd look for other problems, like the water pump impeller running backwards. It has to push water in a certain direction, or it doesn't work right. I had a jeep that had this problem. The parts house gave me one to fit a serpentine belt. Which went underneath the bottom side of the pulley. Turning it the opposite direction. Or an air bubble in the system. Today's cooling systems have to be "burped" sometimes. Especially foreign cars.
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