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    For a 16 digit PIN/VIN, the 9th number indicates the year. Hence, in this case, the OP's RTV is a 2006. Which is the same year as y RTV:
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    Nice stone work. Side note...If that's a typical flow there, then you've got enough to generate some free power. Even more so if there's a substantial drop from the source. But with just what you have there, you could easily power enough lighting to nightlight that beautiful stone work. With a ten foot or so drop from the source, you could power most of the house.
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    I had mentioned in a previous post that I had removed the front anti-roll bar from my 2020 Outfitter 400; I ran that way for a month or so without noticing any downside however recently I installed a 'suicide knob" (see below) to assist my Parkinson's disease affected arms in turning the beast--but aftger doing so i found that in the quicker, tighter turns the knob permitted the vehicle would nosedive a bit, dig in, and plow a bit on hard surfaces--not scary, but quite noticeably. So I put the bar back on. I got about 1-1/2 miles down the main road on the nearby power lines, turned around and came home to take it off--with the bar on, at 25 to 30 MPH, the front-end of the beast jumped like rabbit at each bump., a nearly brutal and quite uncomfortable ride. the bar (20 mm solid steel) is far too robust for the weight of the vehicle. The front bar on my 3900 lb. Infinity M37 is 30 mm... suicide knob--for you younger folks:
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    4’ diameter culvert my wife reinforced with local ‘found’ rocks.
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    I would suggest milk crates for holding a rock, or anything that might roll around. They're more easily secured too.
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    Interesting to see what is approved while we are mostly talking about UTVs. Nice mod I may use a form of. My wife collects bowling ball size rocks and you don’t want them moving around.
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    true..its illegal now to be an American Patriot... you must be euro -socialist parasite now to be acceptable
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    When I was a welder,many many years ago, we said .. ITS NOT HOT....it just didnt take long to look at it ..
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    Welcome to the forum! Do yourself a favor, and don't buy one of those Chinese brands. Massimo, and Hisun come to mind. They look good, and probably run good when you buy it. But typically there's little to no factory support. Several of these have some real horror stories. People can't find things like CV axles or shocks. The service manual is little more than an owner's manual. And due to price, and availability, a necessary diagnostic tool isn't an option for most people. If you have above average fabrication, and mechanical skills. Then go for it. Otherwise get a name brand. Exactly which one is subjective. It all depends on intended use, budget, and taste. Having a competent local dealership is always a plus too. Good luck in whatever you decide!
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    Lol, I'm with ya, buddy! I got something for those who come looking for me, too.
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    Looks pretty good. Good idea!!!
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    Keep your fingers crossed!!!
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    Just an update. Hadn't started the UTV since my last post (01/10/2021), so with crossed fingers I tried today. Starter spun over like it should, started right up and idled smoothly. No problem with compression stroke or anything. I guess it was the solenoid after all. Only thing I can come up with, since it started so easy. It's never done that before.
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    I installed a colder plug , original plug is: BPR5ES, I installed BPR4ES. Documented hrs and will see how long it goes. Thanks for responding !!
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    I had been wanting to install power steering on my T4 for years so I went to the salvage yard last weekend and bought a complete column (minus airbag) out of a 2009 Nissan Versa for $125 with the ECU. It was a fairly simple install. The long shaft that fits to the Joyner steering rack actually fit perfectly into the Nissan column. Had to weld up a U joint on the Nissan column to make it a straight shaft and fab up one simple bracket. Connect power and ground plus a switched 12v and now I can steer with one hand!
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    For 09 trooper t2 1100 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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