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    You might checkout Powersports nation , they literally sell thousands of UTV parts, granted they are all used , in good working condition.
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    Got the mule back late yesterday and guy said he cleaned carb and replaced needle valve and set float. Hopefully this will solve the gas in oil problem. The fouling of plug was due to the foam air filter. It was deteriorated and when wide open throttle it pulled it into paper filter and starved mule of air causing more gas than air and foul plug. Haven't had time to run mule any so will report back when I have run time.
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    I had a guy come over and help as I don't know much about digital meters. My stator seems to be doing ok. Did a wire test from stator plug all the way to the regulator and then to battery. No broken wires. So it seems to be that I received a bad DOA regulator that I had ordered in so I will send it back and reorder then see
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    May just be a bad batch of gas since you last fueled up . Try some gas line antifreeze to eliminate the moisture. It’s a cheap fix and it won’t harm anything
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    Better to have the drum stripped out than the axle or the rear end.
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    So apparently the drum is supposed to have teeth all the way thru as well..... Guess it's a good thing i changed it out, works like New again!!
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