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    Here are two short videos....first is with stock exhaust....the second us with new exhaust. i had my wife record from the same place both times to get an accurate noise level...I'm was shocked/ impressed let me know what you think. well I tried to load videos.....both times failed! ill reply to your email Video 1.MOV Video 2.MOV john
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    Hey all....all done. The new exhausts 100% better....much quieter!! Attached are some before and after pictures. I used a new Walker, Quier-Flow muffler....catalog says its for a 1983 Toyota. It is 6" round..body is 10" long, it has 1-1/2" inlet/ outlet/ offset pipes....I made/ fabricated/ welded the hanger on the muffler. ....and of course bent a pipe to adapt from the existing exhaust.
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    Range rider ... i cut and welded bent pieces together to get the angles I needed. If I had to do it over, I would have bought a section of 1-1/2" pipe bends from Amazon .....it would have went much quicker. be sure to use a Walker " quiet flow"... They are the quietest. ..25.00 from Amaxon i have seen no difference in performance ...runs great IMG_0918.MOV
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    Stay as far away from Hisun as you can, fit and finish nice but I bought a truck load and every single machine failed in the first 5 miles and took months to get parts. 5 out of 5 generators failed as well and they would not offer any warranty support! They set up dealers just to get rid of inventory. Units that cannot be retailed to dealers goes to the auction house and drives the value down, Nada wont ever put a resale value for Hisun on their website. They do not support dealers, I finally got my last one to the auction house and the throttle cable broke on it way to the selling line! Its like throwing money away doing business with these folks... Run away and hide from Hisun as fast as you can! or just send me the cash!
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    Sorry Charlie....the muffler topic is under " general discussion" john ps:. Let me know if you can view / hear the two attached videos
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    Has anyone tried to open the two videos posted? I've tried to open both....but I just get a blank screen thanks John
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    ..... Also, ..just replaced the stock muffler with a new Walker " quiet-flow".....now it is very quiet i added pictures and sound videos on another post here
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    Picked up my Mule in late November and have been using it a lot over the past few weekends. This UTV just keeps on amazing me of what it can do. I have lots of old logging trails that have been overtaken by brush and sappling's that my 4X4 truck can no longer navigate through, but the Mule plows through and over anything in its path. I have a natural gas line running up a steep hill that is covered in limestone and other huge rocks that the Mule has conquered going up and down and sideways. Going through pastures at 25 mph as smooth as a Cadillac on the highway is really nice. I have yet to try deep mud or snow but that should be coming soon in the next few weeks, I hope. She may not be a speed demon like some of the others out there, but she will climb with the best of them.
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    I think it looks great! Keep going
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    Need some help! 2010 Big Red 700 has a flashing check engine light. Flashes once about every 5 seconds at idle and stays on when RPMs are raised. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Regarding the Vector name. I just purchased the Vector 250 new from Rural King on 12-26-2017. Surely Hisun did not send me an new/ old model.
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    I have a new Vector (sold by Home Depot) which is made by Hisun and is a HS 700. It has only 7 hrs on it and the other day I noticed its starting to have a slight brake squeal in the rear brakes. Its not been in a lot of mud and water. Maybe 12 inches for a very short time. I have hosed out the brakes when I first heard the noise and that seemed to work for a short time and it came back. Is this something that is usual during a break in period and will it go away?
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    Go to any dealership that sells made in America utvs and ask their parts guy about availability of parts from "assembled in America" utvs. They have had plenty of people trying to match up parts that they cannot match. I had to remove the hardness on a strut to machine down the diameter and re thread it. Then heat it and quench to bring back its hardness. A lot of work because parts are not available 5 years later.
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    I found with my happily now sold Sportworks, now Landmaster that these uts are maybe assembled in the US but parts are sourced from Venezuela, China etc. After about 5 years parts become unavailable. Pay a bit more and do not buy any "assembled in America" utes. Polaris etc. you will always be able to source parts. Soon as a gas strut goes which buggers your steering etc, cannot be sourced your utv is worthless. Yes other utv shocks do not have the same threads and ends that are required. Also these "assembled in America" U joints for the 4 wheel drive tend to break easily when stressed.
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    Took it out earlier. Its like 7 degree's outside. Mud frozen solid but the Mule went everywhere I wanted her to go with no problems. My face is now perma-frosted!
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    This is what I got from service manual standard : 188.31 psi minimum: 163.57 psi maximum: 210.5 psi
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    Hisun 471 cc and yes it is
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    OBD2 is the same as what is used on all cars and light trucks manufactured for sale in America since 1996. If it has the same plug, it likely takes the same reader. The professional versions of these readers can cost more than a thousand dollars. When software for these professional readers is added ( and they're updated often, since each manufacturer has brand specific codes) the cost can be several thousand dollars. But the good news is, there's generic information in each system, that's common to all vehicles that use the system. So you don't need the expensive version of this tool. You can use the cheap one, (they're about a hundred bucks) and do a little detective work. The code reader will tell you which part, or system needs to be investigated further. However in your case even that might not be necessary. But unfortunately, it will require someone who either knows, or has access to specific voltage values for that particular models electrical components. This information would still be necessary, even if you had the code reader. That's not saying that a reader wouldn't help. But you still need to be able to decipher the gibberish that a code reader puts out. On a car, there's lots of information on the internet that helps you decipher the information. On one of these, there just isn't that much that can be wrong with it, since there just aren't many components there. And I doubt that even the internet would help with diagnosis. I suspect that a multimeter and some time spent checking the components involved in telling the fuel system how much fuel it needs to start would be the best course of action.
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    I have no idea what that means. Massimo needs a Delphi code reader. The guy that was working on it is at a lose. He doesnt have a code reader and will not spend the kind of money they want for one. Now it won't start at all. It's getting to much fuel at start up. The whole throttle assembly, the injector has been changed.
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    I have seen quick connects for winches in automotive mail order catalogs, but since my memory is shot, I forget whether it was Summit Racing or JEGS, or....? Another possibility might be 4x4 off-road catalogs. The good news is that almost all of these catalogs are free if you ask in their web sites. Good luck!
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    Against the brute it launch faster than my utv but around 65kph i close the gap and pass in front at around 100kph Against the renegade i stay behind but not by so much distances And against the Polaris on 27" tire it was neck and neck whit my utv until we Reach 30kph and leave it in the dust In deep mud my utv on OEM 25" tire have beated all ecxept the renegade but its okay i was pulled only one time for the entire day One of the 4 brute force got big electrical issue and 2 brake an axle in the marsh For a chinese product all guys as been quite impressed on the overall performance and reliability of it for the price
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    Thanks for the nice comment!
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    silverbullet. I have 2 ideas.First i would check compression.Even if it runs good.2 i would check spark plugs wires.Just get a spray bottle and spray the ignition wires.Just see if it runs good or starts to misfire if not pull the boot off spark plugs just a little till you get to the boots and spray and see if it misfires.I tell everybody to check compression.Its a good thing to know.If good that's great 6 times each time with gauge.We rebuild a lot of engines.We have 5 outside for rebuild.2 troopers 1 orian 2 renli 1100 cc autozone loans compression gauge out free.They come from all around about 5 differents states.Must want a big bore and customs cams.Plus many other things. We lighten flywheel we lighten crank and knife journals and we make the rods i beam them and shot pine them to make them much stronger.Port and polish head and a few other things.Bore cylinder .070 and put hi low or stock compression forged pistons with total seal rings. Thanks rich
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    What's the year of manufacture for your 550 Sector. I have a 2016 Sector 750 with well over 600 miles. So far no breakdowns, but hearing this makes me damn nervous about the future...
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    Hi i have read your stories and i own a motobishi raptorex 2011 800cc (hisun strike differently named) Hisun brand its part of the ghanzou automotive that own cfmoto,odess, hisun and few other brand of utv. Check at cfmoto dealer for part. All driveline parts will fit on the hisun. It is what i have do on mine before it break and i never touched it again. The problem whit the yoke on hisun utv is a cast material and machining issue. If you are good in mechanic you can flip the coin and do brp, shaft and yoke upgrade (just need a good drive shaft shop to make new drive shaft
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