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    After replacing the cigar box sized battery in my Mule for two years in a row (at a cost of about $80 per trip), I decided to mount a deep cycle group 24 behind the front seat. Bought a sturdy battery holder, a couple of 32" cables and voila!....no more battery blues I usually get about three years out of one of these. Also installed a 2 amp trickle charger. Me so happy.
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    Hi i am new to the utv world (i am an automotive thech in off-road performance on jeep and Dodge for 13 years that have decided to retire from the 4x4 world and play whit something smaller ) The big problems i see whit the hisun is a cooling fan issue that eat so much amp that the generator cant keep the batteries charge (i have the dual cooling system and whit 2 fans on it goes under 10 volts if you run at low speed that cause after few hours to run out of batteries. Batteries not have the amp to hold enough charge to push the fan at the best performance and generator cannot hold the OEM fan when the batteries is not enough charged (overheat issue was caused by that) an other problem that is a batteries issue was the starter itself it need more amp than the batteries have so the slow crancking is caused by that. When i worked on cf moto and odess utv i noticed that cf moto add the same starting issues due to the same problem too small batteries but odess use a honda civic batteries to make it work just fine (fans runs no more than 2 minutes instead of cf moto and hisun that the fans runs mostly all of the time) so i know that the batteries is a 12 volt u1 or u11 batteries so if i want to put a 1095cca batteries or a yellow top optima batteries on a custom case does the elictrical system will be able to handle a batteries that have 300-400% more ca than the small batteries or not (i know that the light will be more brighter i already replace the flasher/stop bulb factory instaled for a full l.e.d. bulb and socket hehe ). I know some people have done that on old 6 volt system atv whit no problem at all but i just want to make sure i will not frie the whole electrical system whit a bigger batteries hehe i will place some maxi fuse on the main relais and fuse system but not on the starter
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    Picked up my Mule in late November and have been using it a lot over the past few weekends. This UTV just keeps on amazing me of what it can do. I have lots of old logging trails that have been overtaken by brush and sappling's that my 4X4 truck can no longer navigate through, but the Mule plows through and over anything in its path. I have a natural gas line running up a steep hill that is covered in limestone and other huge rocks that the Mule has conquered going up and down and sideways. Going through pastures at 25 mph as smooth as a Cadillac on the highway is really nice. I have yet to try deep mud or snow but that should be coming soon in the next few weeks, I hope. She may not be a speed demon like some of the others out there, but she will climb with the best of them.
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    Hey everyone, I have made some modifications since I purchased my Massimo 500 MSU/UTV earlier this year and I thought I would share with you. Please give me some feed-back and let me know what you think of my MODS. Here's the VIDEO:
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    I think it looks great! Keep going
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    G'day guys, been awhile since I posted in here, Great to see some of the old faces still here especially Kinarfi. I thought I'd give a bit of support to Kymco as these machines are really gaining popularity now and we are supporting them with aftermarkets parts where we can. Like CF Moto, they have broken through into the North American limelight now. Jeff, I'm not to sure that you know Lenny's wife and I have gone our own ways now and I've hooked up with another partner from Missouri. Kurt Driemeyer has his own company too that builds Body Armor for Kymco's and Arctic Cats. Between Kurt and I we pretty much have you covered for Windshields, Roofs, Doors, Back Panels, Front and Rear Bumpers, Tree Kickers, Bed Rails, Tires, Wheels and much more. So if you need one of these accessories, check out Pacific Eagle UTV, Off Road Body Armor and Powersports Megamall. We cover most makes and models Cheers, Brostar
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    Hello! New guy from sweden here. did buy a 800 Widebody from 2015! Seems like its an odd utv? Wanted to get tracks to it but everybody said it didn't work. But couln't say why.. Buuuut. it did..
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    Congrats on your purchase. I have lots of info on that model. Manuals, tips and advice. check out www.250utv.com and you will find everything you need there. Matt
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    It is a 2015 first year blues I guess....so far so good on this repair . the boys at Yocum motor sports did a good job and repaired things that Wallace tractor did wrong.
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    Looking at getting more height out of my Kawasaki Mule. Put a lift kit on it but wondering about putting 28 inch tires or 30 inch tires? Don't know if 30 inch clearance is too large.
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    The generator coil is pretty good ,the starter itself need 2 time the amp of the batteries to make it work just fine. I can confirm you that the starter itself will never frie as long as you not try to jump start it whit a 24 volt batteries hehe and its a 12 volt starter its more damagable for the starter to run whit not enough amp than more(he cant take more amp than it need himself)maybe the power cable of the starter will have to be upgraded but not a big deal to this side. My biggest concern was about all the rest . Do the voltage regulator will like to have a batteries of 800 + cca. The whole system itself will be able to handle that? I tried to contact hisun but after 1 month they will never answer me hehe I know alot in the automotive but not so much in utv and atv so any good answer are welcome
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    Hi i have read your stories and i own a motobishi raptorex 2011 800cc (hisun strike differently named) Hisun brand its part of the ghanzou automotive that own cfmoto,odess, hisun and few other brand of utv. Check at cfmoto dealer for part. All driveline parts will fit on the hisun. It is what i have do on mine before it break and i never touched it again. The problem whit the yoke on hisun utv is a cast material and machining issue. If you are good in mechanic you can flip the coin and do brp, shaft and yoke upgrade (just need a good drive shaft shop to make new drive shaft
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    Yes, I can understand how some mechanics can inflate a problem. But I'm just pointing out that the proper diagnosis is everything. Just replacing suspect parts will only lead to frustration. I've been there before. You can certainly follow a gut feeling, and replace what you think the problem is. Leaking valve guides seems reasonable, considering the symptoms. You might get lucky. In answer to the time it takes to change out the valve seals. It should be about three hours or so. That's assuming he's pulling the head, to change them. Some people have used air pressure to hold the valve in place while changing out those seals. I've also heard of stuffing rope down in through the spark plug hole to accomplish this. It's a less invasive approach, and saves money on parts.
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    Hello there, there are a couple of things to address here. First off is to make sure when the throttle peddle pressed all the way down, that the throttle is also opening all the way. You can check this by removing the center cover. When you press down on the throttle, reach over to the butterfly valve and see if you can open the throttle any more on the throttle body. If so, adjust the throttle cable. But you need to make sure when the throttle is released that the throttle also closes as well. Meaning you will have just a little bit of slack in the throttle cable. You don't want the throttle body hanging up causing the engine to rev. After that, there is come control in the ECU, but there is also a electronic speed limiter, located under the dash by the winch control box. Try to make sure the throttle is adjusted properly first and let me know. Matt
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    Yes welcome. As with any off road product, it really depends on how it was assembled from the get go. I am not hear to bash any dealer what so ever, but no matter what you buy, you can always find someone who has had nothing but problems and others who have never had one issue. I am glad you are having fun, thats what its all about.
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    Probably ought to put a bigger bumper on the front in case you hit Sasquatch..
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    That is another great idea, I would only tell anyone to watch out for cheap "aftermarket" clones as they sometimes have a 'reliability' issue. But if you feel you have a quality one, by all means, install it. The idea is that when it is over, it will prevent liquid from spilling out. You can test anyone of these items by using a plastic water bottle and a rubber tube installed on the bottom end. just turn it upside down, and see if it stops the water from flowing out. If it does, then you are good to go. I just used a higher priced unit sourced from a reliable race source. But there are a lot of good quality aftermarket anti roll valves out there you can choose from. Good luck and have fun! Matt
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    Getting a battery tender sounds like a good investment. Besides, it is not expensive.
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    I have upgraded and will show pics soon.
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    @kenfain we tried that even tried a hot from battery still no power to the switch we can get lights to come on that way but nothing else .. chasing the wires is a task because there's so many and no slack in them what are friends for .. well they slip out with beer an tools and....... nothing lol we can't find the problem .. patients is at it's end haha I better drop it off at cub cadet before I push it over the hill .. everyone thinks its a secret relay hiding somewhere but no luck there either .. we're all baffled at this point
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    Hello everyone, I'm doing a study on the side-by-side/UTV market and I'm interested in your opinions. It's extremely quick and anonymous and I’d be happy to share the results with the community. Also, as a small token of my appreciation I will be having a drawing among respondents for a $50 VISA giftcard for those interested. It's not much but the most I can offer as a one person team. Questionnaire Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/utvboard1 The research isn't for any of these companies, I am just curious to see the opinion of the brands and new models. Thank you very much for your help!
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    some additional info I cam across. Some of it is redundant to what we already have here, but thought I would put it out here. Passenger diff seal, Car Quest part # 3655 size 51.9mm O.D. x 35mm I.D. Fits 1100, 800 EFI Front wheel bearings - NSK 6205Z-2ZR-C3 and 6206Z-2ZR-C3, SKF or FAG 6205-2RSR and 6206-2RSR Conversion to tapered roller bearings is possible with some hub modification - 30205A and 30206A Rear wheel bearings - Peer FWD 305532, 6006 2RS and 3006 2RS Conversion to tapered roller bearings is possible with some modification - 32006X Front a-arm ball joint - GE25ES 2RS Oil filter - Mann W67/81, China SPC932, Bosch O 004 Brake pads - EBC FA482TT - tried to find these, but unable to get through an american vendor. ordered sets of FA473V to try out. Will follow up with full post when I get them in and try them out Tachometer w/ temperature gauge - Koso GP-Style (55mm, 0-9,000 RPM) Arctic Cat quads use the same hubs as the 650 Joyner so the brakes will also work from Arctic Cat. Others have found Wilwood brakes that fit the 650. These parts do not fit the 800cc and larger buggies The Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift 3-cylinder 1-liter engine will fit the 800cc chassis with minimum modification inner cv boots off a 1998 Geo Metro. They only cost $10 each instead of the $20 to $30 at a off road shop and available at any auto store! Fits 1100, other models not too sure source: http://www.joynerfor...-Need-your-help! Want to add, I have not verified this. Thats up to anyone who may need a listed item. But if anyone does verify via use of any of the listed items, please let us know!
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