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  1. Is anyone in this forum running the EH65 Subaru twin engine with two barrel carb? Needing some help with wiring issues. Give me a shout if willing to discuss my headache.
  2. New member here. Stumbled on forum whils surfing for my UTV. I have a BD700 w/ a Subaru EH65 engine. Had it for about 5 years. Initiaqlly h ad problems with carb but factory sent me parts. Now the engines are no longer being made but I just r ecently changed the carb. Would be interested in messaging with other owners of same machine, especially if they turn their own wrenches.
  3. Old post but, I would have tried a valve adjustment. Controls the decompression when starting allowing it t o turn over. Depending on where engine stops, it could be hard to turn over.

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