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  1. I ended up getting Dynamat used for carhood insulation and installed it under the bed. Also wrapped the exhaust pipe up to the muffler with exhaust heat wrap. The intake is not my problem for it is mounted low near the right rear tire in a compartment . The noise is tolerable now but must shut down to carryon a conversation!
  2. Chuck's Smokehouse-Carthage,Texas http://chuckscountrysmokehouse.com/ Also 'The Shed' in Ocean Springs, Mississippi https://www.theshedbbq.com/
  3. Wife just back from Waco shopping, getting nails done,etc..she said traffic was unusually heavy and stores also crowded! Waco seems to be way on the outer fringe but guess the frantic shopping hit there too!
  4. Sorry for you guys on the coast or nearby. We do need the needed rain in this area and west. Forecast is 1=2" in this area...hoping for a nice gentle rainfall
  5. North of you between Dallas and Houston. I hope your right....we need the rain up here!
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  7. Just purchased a 2020 Pro DX with Yanmar diesel. Had a 2007 3010 Trans Diesel I traded in. My problem is that the new machine is so much noisier than my old one. Has anyone had any luck in quieting down the noise? Sound proofing.?...changing the exhaust routing.?...the muffler? Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated.

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