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  2. My suspicion is that Kawi knew they had the steering issue so they stalled the first recall on purpose (utilizing slow government process to their advantage) until steering fix was figured out. The part they didn’t anticipate is the Coronavirus messing up their cheap manufacturing sources. I bet they could have paid more to another manufacturer and already have parts, but now Coronavirus has the whole world messed up.
  3. Well, the recalls are officially posted. It truly is just a parts issue now. https://www.kawasaki.com/OwnerSupport/SafetyRecall
  4. Nice comment on the recording! I really wish they could at least give some specifics of steps that need to happen. It would help to understand at least how close they really are.
  5. They are calling me on a regular basis. No news on progress though. A phone call from earlier in the week I was just told they would call at the end of the month.
  6. Spoke with customer service today who had absolutely no useful update or timeline and said they would call back at the end of March?.??!! Only thing I was told was both stop sales are still in effect. I had to tell a local dealer about the 2nd stop sale. I am beginning to think I need to look for something else.
  7. Strange this is such a secret. Maybe now that we are past the holidays something will come out on it.
  8. Tried to buy a 2020 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT and was told their was a stop sale on them, but the dealer had no info on what the problem was or how long until a solution is found to whatever the issue is. Anyone know anything about this?

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