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  1. 2-8


  2. Both of my incentives were recieved and used while the stop sale was still in effect.
  3. You have gone from starting a monster sized thread of questions and great information to the status of proud owner. Congratulations on coming full circle!
  4. Your patience has been well rewarded. Congratulations!
  5. Thank you so much for the reply. One of my interests is shooting/reloading. Until you suggested it, I had not even considered using my dial caliper in this application. Again, thanks!
  6. I am wanting to add a rearview mirror to my 2019 Mule Pro FXT. I am having difficulty determining the diameter of the crossmember on the ROPS where I would mount it. I need this information so I can order the correct clamp size. Can anyone provide me with this information? Thanks.
  7. The cat has never seen a mule before. I picked it up on Saturday and been riding ever since. Well worth the wait.
  8. I am having a problem with your dealer on this one. All of this turmoil has been caused by a "stop sale" which means they cannot sell the machine to you until they have the parts installed that they are holding over your head for payment.
  9. I found out yesterday that I can pick mine up on Saturday (Illinois dealer)
  10. I have experienced some not so nice situations in my life as well. Keep your head up and attitude right where it sounds like it is. This will all work out. I have the feeling you and those two little girls are going to be just fine.
  11. Congratulations! I got a bit of good news myself today. My dealer has my parts. I don't have a pick up date at this time.

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