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  2. Found online wiring diagram , only safety feature is neutral switch and it was bad ! this thing has hardly any hours on it . Spring tension in nuetral switch is so sad that you can shake it and the brass tip comes out another 16 th of an inch . damn . Thanks for the replies Travis
  3. Is there a wiring diagram online here for this year or model ? Different problem today , solenoid will no engage has power on hot leg with key on , has power signal when turned to start , only thing it can be is a failure to complete the circiut . What are there for safety features that would prevent starting . No wires to seat so not that . Park brake engaged , pedal brake engaged no different . box down , Any ideas . or a wiring diagram , please and thanks
  4. had no fuel pressure at the rail , checked all fuses ok , seems to have signal to the pump , checked the pump and replaced it . Still no go , where is the fuel pump relay on this particular machine? Thanks guys . .

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