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  1. Thought I would share today’s activity!
  2. To get the heat shield call Grenada Bad Boys and ask for Mike JR in service. Number is 662-307-2729. A couple positive things about it is they are a Tracker Dealer and they actually use their machines. See item is that the heat shield is hinged to allow you to open it up in the winter when you want that heat hitting your firewall.
  3. Just wanted to share a few photos of some recent mods. Heat shield photo was taken before lift was installed. Still have heater, overhead console wire harness and snorkel kit sitting in the garage that I need to get installed.
  4. I just ordered the Muffler Heat shield also. Once this weather breaks I have a three inch lift and also a heater to install in mine.
  5. Stopped by to say hi and to add s few photos. Bryan IMG_3555.MOV IMG_3556.MOV
  6. Hi, I’m new to the group and just thought I would share a few photos and introduce myself. Bryan
  7. Your probably picking up the heat that the Radiator Fan is throwing at the dash. There is a guy in Mississippi that makes a Radiator deflector shield that mounts to the back of the Radiator and deflects the heat down to the ground. I installed one on my machine and it does help a lot with the heat. The shield is also hinged so that in the winter time you can lift up on the door and now you have the heat coming back to the firewall to help with warmth in the cab. The only thing I can’t tell you yet is how much dust is the shield going to kick up while on the trail. I’m scheduled for another tri

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