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    • By mcraigchr
      Traded my Coleman (Hisun) 550 in yesterday on a new 1140.
      What a difference already!
      Craig C.
    • By Dafna Brown
      My father in law just delivered our new sector E1 and after 5 minutes of driving around we smelled burning smoke and discovered the three wires red, yellow and green were burning. 
      It still drives but were afraid of it catching on fire!
      Anyone else have this experience? 
    • By Rantool
      Considering purchase of my first ever Ranger. It is an 2006 Model 700XP with 520 hours. The guy who has it is my buddy and it has been meticulisly maintained and pretty much never been off road.  Always garaged and ran easy. It comes with roof, winch, snowplow, and soft cab for plowing snow.  He was offered 6750.00 for it, but said if I wanted it he would take 6000.00  The paint (Blue Metalic) is very  good. Also 4 new tires. Is this a good price? Also can a guy get glass windshield and back glass?  How about hard doors with glass? How far can you go on a tank of gas? I know I have alot of questions. I live in Indiana and also was told we can drive on the county roads if you do a few things? What do I need to get it apporoved for road use? Thanks in advance for any input!
    • By Sommer Wildes
      TLDR (too long didn't read) in blue for quick scanning
      Hey all! I'm new to the Side-by-side/UTV world. We own a smallish farm and decided to go with the 2021 Tracker 800LE Crew. We like the seating and the ride is smooth. However as a newbie I have some questions that maybe some of you longtime side-by-side/UTV owners can help with. We're still in the "break-in" period and it seems that after 30 min or less of driving the dash area gets super hot. You can feel the heat waves coming off the floorboard by your feet and my phone sitting in the little hole (where a radio might go) felt like I left it in the hot sun for too long. The glovebox was also way too hot. 
      So the question is, is this normal, or should I start checking engine coolant and filters? We literal have had it a day. I have read forums and looked up info and can't find anyone mentioning this issue. I just don't want to burn the thing up before we've even put it through it's paces ya know!
      Thanks for any help!
    • OEM Parts at Aftermarket Prices
    • By Birddog1148
      Well after a good buddy of mine shared how happy he was with a Massimo 500 I decided to pull the trigger on one of my own.  Probably the main use will be dirt roads and trails near Baldwin Mi where I have a camp.  But my town does allow them to be plated and driven on the road.    Hope my experience is as good as my buddy's is.  Behind it there is a 400 King quad that you cant see and a 86 CJ7 project and my 69 Baja bug.

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