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  1. This has been super helpful! Thanks! I am going to call and order those heat shields.
  2. Thank you Gary Jr.! I was just talking to my father-in-law last night about putting something under the hood to reflect heat. I can't put my phone in any of the compartments when we ride or it heats it too much. Kinda makes all those little cubbies useless if they're gonna heat your stuff up. Although, in winter it will come in handy!
  3. Thanks! I think I will call Tracker and have them take a look at it. We shot it with the thermo gun and it's running about 117-130 degrees on the dash in different areas.
  4. TLDR (too long didn't read) in blue for quick scanning Hey all! I'm new to the Side-by-side/UTV world. We own a smallish farm and decided to go with the 2021 Tracker 800LE Crew. We like the seating and the ride is smooth. However as a newbie I have some questions that maybe some of you longtime side-by-side/UTV owners can help with. We're still in the "break-in" period and it seems that after 30 min or less of driving the dash area gets super hot. You can feel the heat waves coming off the floorboard by your feet and my phone sitting in the little hole (where a radio might go) felt like

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