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  1. Hi everybody! I hope to find dispassionate opinions. What do you think about Bobcat 3400D and 3450? My UTV will be only for work, no play. My priorities are torque, cargo capacity, reliability and lastingness. I need to deal with clayish very steep slopes.
  2. Hi, nocturnalsixer. It’s a quite different kind of vehicle. Thank you for the input.
  3. Hi everybody! I’m new here and I wish to request for your help and advice. I hope to find dispassionate opinions. I need to buy a UTV only for work. My priorities are reliability and torque. I need to climb (and descend) clayish very steep slopes, one with a small sliding rock surface (maybe 4 feet diameter, where rains “washed” clay) at a narrow point of the trail, so one side wheels have to ride on the rock. This trail is just at cliff edge at this point. A tractor struggled hard with this place recently to climb because wheel sliding on rock surface. Big Red has engine brake that would be

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