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Bobcat UV34 UTV Video


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    • By Kyle Krause
      What a great time at this years White Mountain UTV Jamboree... go to www.utvoffroadadventures.com for all the upcoming UTV Events all over Arizona!
    • By GrimSinner
      This is my 2013 Teryx FI 4x4 LE.  It recently started this knocking that was loudest on the clutch side, so I removed the cover and took a video.  You can hear it best at low throttle.  What is causing that and what should I start repairing?
      Thank you.
    • By EVSupport
      What would you need from a UTV to make you go electric?
      We have the likes of The ranger EV and the Hisun E1, which when coupled with Li ion packs actually do what many people want.  Im in the UK and here the UTV market is mostly for Landowners and Farmers, who use them as work vehicles, . We dont have the same leisure market as the US. But with world markets, we only get what will sell in the US. In the same way the market for lift kits is small as are non utility extras.
      So what would you need from an Electric UTV to encourage you to change from Petrol or Diesel?
      Some thoughts,  Reliability, virtually no drive train maintenance, No drive belt change,. No clutches.  Lack of exhaust fumes.  Virtually no noise. Instant response.  The power source available in virtually every garage . No more filling up cans of fuel.
      And of course saving the Planet, mustnt forget that.  But seriously what would you need to enable you to make the shift. How many hours a day do you run, how many miles, what implements do you use? 
      Throw it all in.
    • By RickB
      I have two of these models (Hisun) and both have the same issue. It started out low power and then one got so bad it would not start. The local Cub dealer did not have a scan tool to check so after I exhausted all the possibilities I could think of I took it to a local small engine shop who worked on ATVs. After 2 months and $1600 later we got it back and it was running great. They pretty much replaced everything fuel related, fuel  pump, spark plug, fuel injector, intake boots, throttle body, TPS and did an oil change. I ordered everything on the list for the other unit as all these things are pretty easy to replace. Before all those parts came in the first unit began to lose power little by little again.  I went by the shop and asked the tech for more info on what they found and he said the fuel pressure was about 60psi and should be 40psi and that was causing and over fueling issue. When I told him about what had happened he thought it may be another fuel pump.  I also asked if they had adjusted the valves and they had so I rechecked the valves and they are good. After searching the web I tried to relearn the TPS with instructions I found pertaining to a Massimo 500. Well it started to idle better and also seemed to not pop back through the intake like it was doing but only up to about 60% throttle. After that it bogs down and runs like crap. Tried the procedure on the other unit and now have the same result. What am I missing and/or doing wrong? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    • eManualOnline
    • By johnpeter
      2019 Polaris RZR TURBO S 4 VELOCITY Powersports UTVs On Ebay

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