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  1. I would think redline would be higher than that
  2. 3600 rpm redline? What's up with that?
  3. I have one on order from Babbit's thank you again, I was getting discouraged here. Happy Independance Day to you
  4. Thank you Travis it's part # 59026 top right. Why cant I find that part? The manual calls it a pickup coil. I think it's my culprit when it sits it gets hot and dont work right. Any suggestions on where to find one?
  5. Does anyone have a part # for the pickup coil on this 01 KAF 620E 3010? I think I've replaced everything else that might cause it to not start when the engine is warm. The manual calls it a pickup coil but I'm unable to find it by name anywhere. Any help would be Appreciated.
  6. Not that!! Ok either fuel pump relay which I dont think would be affected by heat or the igniter that is on the flywheel. That would require removing front driveshaft and shifting mech to get the flywheel cover off. I'll see if my local dealer can order one. Toodeloo
  7. How about a heat sensor that shuts down the fuel pump relay?
  8. It gets hot you dont wanna stick your hand in there. I have spark the coils are under the cylinders its cooler there, would be odd for both of them to fail at the same time. It dont quit it just won't restart after setting for 10 min after turning it off. I thought there might be people out here with the same issue that might have tips or trick other than lifting the box every time you stop. If you get back in within 3-4 min it starts right up.
  9. I recently acquired a 300 4x4 linhai 02 I believe, the previous owner had carb problems, he put a mikuni from a snow machine on and it works good.👍
  10. New guy here, my question is, is vapor lock common on this machine? When I run it for a while and shut it off it will not restart if it sets for 5-10 min. I have to lift the dump box and let it cool for approx 20 min before it will start. I replaced the fuel pump thinking it might be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Have you tried a different coil? Sometimes they will fail when they get warm

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