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  1. My cab is homemade wooden outhouse, πŸ˜… quite drafty. Mr heater w/1# can on the floor helps but mostly makes my leg hot.
  2. I got 6⁰ @ 5 am this morn, light snow over nite, just enough to grease the ice on the secondary roads. Primary roads are wet with a slurry of salt water. Temp just dropped another degree its 5 @5
  3. I'm here in mid Mi its 0⁰ in the mornings and got a foot of snow fri.
  4. Cleaned mine up, gave it a couple coats black tractor paint
  5. I need to keep a closer eye on spellcheck, it changes things when I ain't lookin.
  6. I change my own tires, it was a chore, I have a Harbor Freight job have to make more parts for to hold the tire from falling through. Used a 4' pipe for leverage to break em down, ratchet strap to expand it together to take air. Only took about a week for all 4. I live in MI across the bay from the top of the thumb, snow gets pulled up here sometimes. Looking at 5' snow blowers right now for compact JD.
  7. OH YA!! They're proud of those tires. I got a new set of 4 for the price of 1. They were new from Bestusedtires.com. More aggressive like an ag tractor tread. Hoping it will be better in snow, 3010s dont do well in snow.
  8. We used to use a little white lithium grease on snowmobile comets, they had all different weights and springs for engagement at different rpms. Old sleds shops might have nos laying around, cant be much different.
  9. I drove it around yesterday intentionally allowing the time it took to over heat. 5-6 times it started, yippeeπŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ‘
  10. From top of carb to open air, maybe a little bug had a nest in there. Thanks for the help guys, the encouragement kept me picking at it.
  11. Could a plugged vent tube cause this kind of a problem? I tryed to blow through it and it was plugged, I ran a wire up it hit a blockage pushed through it blew it out sprayed carb cleaner through it. Seems to be working. I feel like an idiotπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. I checked everything in the carb, needle tip looks good, a little residue in the bowl, blew that out with carb cleaner. I think the temp get above 185⁰ F and the fuel pushes out the main jets. Someone has been in it before, bout had the screw heads stripped out on the bowl.
  13. Those plugs came out about a month ago, been laying on the bench. I didn't think they looked to bad. I used to run an LT250 r so I do know a little about plugs. I've worked on a lot of motors but this one got me stumped. Till ya get it apart it's ready to go, nothing wrong.

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