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  1. Hope you didn't spend to much on an unneeded tool😅
  2. Like that beezer, I had 1 thinkin it was green.
  3. Sounds like computer upgrade might be in order. Did you try to uninstall adobe then reinstall? Did some of the smoke get out of your computer?
  4. Missed you'll last weekend, this is like my Sunday paper.
  5. If you get this style you'll have to adjust it up till the trunk opens, then it don't seal tight to the hood. Putting foam tape on rollbars first helps to seal in winter. I'm in MI., it gets cold here.
  6. Got this from SxS stuff doesn't seal real good but stops the wind. I reinforced just above the hinge point with old bed frame angle iron, had more flex then I liked at 30 mph. It will allow to open the trunk
  7. I have an 01 3010 pretty much bare bones, just a ragtop when I got it, no odometer, no speedometer, it has an hour meter(1589 on it now) and 2 idiot lights, brakes and heat, and I know the brake light doesn't work, heat light has never come on, it might not work either. It came from the DNR on a trade in for a ranger, it run fine till it warmed up good, shut it down let it set for 5 min. wouldn't restart till it cooled off. 2-3 beers later it start right up like nothing happened(had to keep my cooler full). A year and a half I played with it, replaced plugs, coils $, fuel pump $, bigger batter
  8. I'm in a couple mule groups on FB, most the chatter on them is lift kits, rims and tire size. Appears most these guys are in a different tax bracket than I, 3-4 hundred dollars a corner adds up. They're putting small pickup tires on em, I wonder how belts hold up, ( you can just smell the power taking off in high range ) Mules are known for low ground clearance, keeps the center of gravity low. Kaw makes sport models too.
  9. I stole this from a FB group, the guy says moving the spring 3/4" will let it go faster but not let it overrev.
  10. Try taking the bolt out of the governer arm at the pivot point. I run mine without the gov hooked up, more speed, kinda risky, I put a tach on it and watch my Rs.
  11. My cab is homemade wooden outhouse, 😅 quite drafty. Mr heater w/1# can on the floor helps but mostly makes my leg hot.
  12. I got 6⁰ @ 5 am this morn, light snow over nite, just enough to grease the ice on the secondary roads. Primary roads are wet with a slurry of salt water. Temp just dropped another degree its 5 @5
  13. I'm here in mid Mi its 0⁰ in the mornings and got a foot of snow fri.

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