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2016 Kawasaki mule pro FX CV BOOTS

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I have a  2016 Kawasaki mule pro FX ,I seem to be replacing cv boots on the inner rear and have tried several different kinds, this unit doesn’t get used hard and has a lift on it 

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  • Alex changed the title to 2016 Kawasaki mule pro FX CV BOOTS
17 minutes ago, Jass said:

Yes, and it has Elka suspension shocks on it and I’m thinking the CV shafts are at to much angle. 

BINGO!--I read this in your first post " has a lift on it " and thought to myself--well there you go...

Contrary to popular web-based "fast &furious" opinion, and every now & then,  the engineers that design this stuff actually do know what they are doing.

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I found a couple "rear-end" photos on the web of what are stated to be stock 2016 Mules:



Note the angle of the axles as compared to yours. Adjusting the preload of those poorly conceived aftermarket shocks will not correct that. The issue is the overall "eye-oi-eye" length of the shock--I would replace them with stock, or at least 1"-1-1/2" shorter units. However in comparing your and the OEM photos it seems as though the top mounting point of the aftermarket shocks is further outboard then the stock shocks (which would raise the suspension); it may be possible to move that top mounting point inward to the stock position and lessen the ridiculous angle of those axles.

Also, CV joints stop being constant velocity when operated at such extreme angles, whichj can (and usually does) lead to other problems with differential bearing and gears, an wheel bearings.


My idiot California nitwit step-son completely fouled up his 2017 Tacoma 4x4 by installing some cheap 6" lift-kit that was nothing but longer struts--screwed up the front and rear differentials, axle shafts and transmission due to the jarring dynamic loads created by the CV joints being at such extreme angles. The good kits relocated the differential housings downward to maintain a sensible axle angles.


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41 minutes ago, Jass said:

Thanks for the in out an help I’ll get this corrected and see how things go. 

Unfortunately far too many aftermarket modifications are developed, produced and marketed by people with little to no actual engineering knowledge, skills or even ability who really do not know WTF they are doing ("lift-kits" other suspension "mods"seem especially prone to this failing)...

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