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  1. Interesting thanks..... The comment you made about the strain applied repeatedly over a small segment is why they said steel doesn't work well. They said a kink tends to develop.
  2. Thank you Travis. Yes that is VRX 45-S Winch Kit you linked is what they are proposing to replace the original wire rope type. They are telling me that Ranch version only comes standard with the wire type......that you can't buy it originally with the synthetic version. Seems ridiculous to me that I have to end up buying both types but they tell me I have no choice.
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  4. Hi there... Amateur here.......in process of finalizing a purchase of a 2021 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT Ranch Edition. We have 60 acres of well suited land for riding and are finally pulling the trigger on a side by side. After some research and test driving we settled on the Mule PRO-FXT. We plan to make the purchase now and then likely add a snow plow next fall (though we're not certain of this). Due to the color (that my wife wants) and the features, it makes more sense for us to get the Ranch version than the LE. That said, the winch that comes with the Ranch edition apparently doesn'

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