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  2. I own an LM653. Had the same problem. If I momentarily shut off the ignition & turned it back on it would drop out of gear because of the slight drop in RPM. My brother in law readjusted the idle lower And it’s been working fine since. Didn’t take much of an idle reduction. Make the adjustment after the engine is warm.
  3. Yes, it has a neutral safety switch. If the Vehicle is not in neutral, the ignition is completely dead. My problem is not That. The starter attempts to engage the flywheel but cannot. It seems like it cannot roll the engine over. After several attempts it will succeed and the motor starts. As I stated previously, additional amps were applied and the starter engaged each time. The battery is brand new and charged. 450CCA capacity.
  4. Installed the new starter on my LM650 with the Subaru engine. Removal was simple once the voltage regulator was removed. The starter would not engage all the time. Symptoms of a bad solenoid or bad starter. Subaru no longer is in the small engine business so locating a new started was difficult and expensive. To my dismay, the new starter reacted the same. Here’s what I’ve done so far...replaced the ignition switch, the battery, the Battery cable ends, the battery post terminals, and now the starter with solenoid. I’ve cleaned or replaced any wire terminal dealing with the starter, ignition s
  5. @Travis Bad starter on an American LandMaster 650. “Finally “ found a starter. Subaru is out of the small engine business and replacement engine parts are scarce and expensive. Anyone ever change a starter on an LM650? Can’t get on top mounting bolt. The service manual is no help and neither are shops in the area. Don’t want to just start removing hardware if it’s not necessary.
  6. American SportWorks LM 650 won’t start at times. Starter won’t engage the solenoid just “clicks” much like a weak battery would cause. Battery was replaced and problem went away and then came back. Replaced positive battery terminal. Problem resolved then returned. Replaced negative battery terminal. Problem gone then returned. Replaced the positive and negative battery cable ends. Problem resolved and now returned. The repair lasts for maybe 12 starts, then the solenoid just “clicks” again as it will with a weak battery. So I replaced the ignition switch. Problem solved for a week. With each

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