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  1. Belt or clutch assembly could be the problem, purely guess. My 610 has a cover with clutch and belt assembly as your rev it up it goes, gotta be in that area. Good luck!
  2. Update, got around 10 hrs and hasn't fouled a plug, fingers crossed. The lower heat number has seemed to help. Thanks for you guys help. B well
  3. I am sure you read my comment that fixed my issue. Don't know what to tell you. Have you taken it to kawasaki deal, would think they have seen and fixed this problem or wouldn't charge you if they can't fix it. Good luck with it.
  4. Thanks, I am somewhat familiar with this set up. Have a koler two cylinder engine on my 0 turn that would kill a plug after it got hot and it turned out to be the coil. I put one of those inline plug tester devices on the cylinder and it showed eractic spark. Do you think my coil could be weak? I have suspected this but haven't replaced it. Thanks
  5. So far so good. I did have a skip or similar issue but didn't foul the plug. Was on the road going up a steep hill about 1/4 mile and acted like plug fouled but pulled choke and babied it home and it cleared up before I got home so may have another issue besides plug. Pulled the plug and it looked ok and didn't foul it so I cleaned it and put back in and has about 7 hrs of run time so the colder plug definitely helped. Thanks for the follow up
  6. So far so good, got around 3 hrs on clock , hope it holds up. Thanks for asking
  7. I installed a colder plug , original plug is: BPR5ES, I installed BPR4ES. Documented hrs and will see how long it goes. Thanks for responding !!
  8. So would you think a colder plug would help, i may give it a try. thanks
  9. Did you mean colder plug? Some say to use hotter so I'm confused. Before the new battery the plug would be really black and sutted up. Now with newer battery the fouled plugs are white that I think indicates it is maybe to hot. Thanks for responding.
  10. 2007 Mule 610, owned for 8 yrs and valves were ticking when I got it and had them adjusted twice and this is when plugs began to foul. I replaced battery (used battery I had on hand) a yr ago and didn't foul a plug for some time and replaced batter (new) with a bigger lawn mower type battery again a month ago and have fouled two plug since. Had carb cleaned and valves adjusted and still fouls plugs way to often. Friend has a mule just like mine and his does same thing. Have read this is a common problem with 610 mule. Any help or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks and stay healthy.
  11. I think it must have something to do with firing, could be wrong. Runs much bettet.
  12. Just an update from several months ago. As noted had carb cleaned and air filter changed and helped a lot but have had plug foul twice in several months. Battery was weak and finally died so I replace it with a lawn mower batter i already had with a little mod to the hold down device. Mule runs much much better and has not fouled a plug since, have pulled the plug several times to inspect and no where near as black and suttey as before so I am assuming the weak battery was the cause or at least a big part of it. What U guys think? Thanks and b well
  13. Sorry for late response for some reason I don't get an email , mule is doing good, prob. 7 hrs run time no issues.
  14. Update: Have driven mule about 15-18 miles at about 3 hrs on clock and plug looks pretty good and oil level is OK. Will update as I get more run time, I think it is important to update these post so others can get info for similar problems they may have. Merry Christmas to all

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