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  1. I plow snow with my Pro MX and it did very well although I didn't get to plow much over 6-8 inches at once. I pulled a snowmobile uphill through 6 inches of snow and did slip some with 4x4 and differential lock on. It is a nice ride on the trails but not as nice as the Pro FX models with the wider and longer wheel base.
  2. My father had his picked up early yesterday and it was dropped off about 5 pm yesterday. I don't think the change to the ventilation system is going to fix the problem as it is still likely that condensation will freeze in the new breather system
  3. Our local dealer closed shop today because of new emergency laws. They aren't sure when they will open again
  4. I am glad there isn't an issue with the steering as that would likely affect my Pro MX as well as I would bet that the EPS is the same
  5. You should ask the dealer or Kawasaki to have the 3 year warranty start from the day you pick it up or when it is delivered
  6. I paid just over $7000 for my 2006 610 when it was new, my new pro mx was just over $10,000 and I think it was worth it, but I also sold the 2006 for $2700. The largest dealers have the bigger discounts
  7. Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new model
  8. Tell them you want to cancel your purchase if you can't take possession
  9. I wonder if it involves the valve cover breather freezing up in cold weather causing oil leaks
  10. You may have to pry it up a little for it to move towards the rear of the vehicle. I have mine off twice
  11. The relay is mounted near the battery because of the conductor length
  12. My plow is a 72" by KFI and it is heavy duty. The push tube and plow weighs as much as my eagle push tube and 66" V plow I had on my 610. The KFI plow mount for the Pro MX does have a built in 2" receiver hitch. If you get a dash mount switch for the dash, cut the hole from the back side of the dash

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