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Plastic repair


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So, coming down a trail this weekend I heard a noise I did not like.  When I got to the bottom I stopped and got out to look around.  I had a cedar branch sticking out of the passenger side in front of the rear tire.  This branch poked out 2 pretty good sized holes.  I was able to recover one piece from the topside of the skid plate and found one other small piece on the trail but I am still left with a couple golf ball sized holes in my plastic. I've found a couple products online, something called plasti-hair and some bondo for plastic bumpers.  Anyone have any experience with either of these or another suitable way to repair the remaining holes?  

I was able to superglue the one big piece I recovered and it stayed on the rest of the weekend.

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Last winter I did something similar. I was motoring through some brush when a branch drove through the passenger side floor panel popping out a chuck of the black plastic floor just where the passenger would have put their feet if they were with me. I was able to salvage the piece and glue it back with a product called, "Permatex Black Plastic Welder Epoxy" I also patched it over on the outside with a layer of  drywall tape saturated with this epoxy. It is still together as if I patched it together yesterday.

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10 hours ago, aefron88 said:

In my experience with "structural" items that may see a lot of flex or pressure the best bet is to use something like this.

bondo doesnt flex enough and will fall off, certain epoxies may be ok in lower stress situations. The staple welder style tool above gives the plastic real structure to stay together long term.

Thanks for the info, saved it for later. 
Walked our trail again today, didn’t find anymore pieces though. 

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