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  1. Quieter exhaust!

    I used to work on snowmobiles a lot (before moving south) and their exhaust pipes are held together with the same type of exhaust springs. I have a couple different "spring removal / installation" tools, but none of them are quite like that. You might want to patent that bad boy!
  2. Quieter exhaust!

    I believe this is the muffler that Orebonder used...
  3. no spark

    I think this may be the service manual for your machine UTV Service Manual.pdf
  4. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    What's the turn-around time for getting the ECU re-flashed? Can you re-flash it the same day you get it, and send it back out that day or the next?
  5. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    I'm not trying to ring every ounce of speed out of the little 250. If that was the case, I'd start by losing some weight, lol. It's that electronic cut-out / stutter that drives me crazy. If it only went 30mph, but sounded like it was running right, I probably wouldn't even bother. It might be a different story if I line up against someone in a different Sector 250 and they dust me, but that won't happen, I don't think.
  6. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Yep, that answers my question perfectly. Looks like there's a new ECU in my future (or some reprograming, at least), and possibly a new rear sprocket. Thanks for the info!
  7. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    I just purchased a new (5 miles on it) 2016 Sector 250 that has the same electronic spark cut-out at 7000 rpm / 30mph. Ugh... hate that sound. The gauge's "red line" is 9500-10000, although I doubt that would be safe for the little engine that could... What is the safest RPM these 250's can run?
  8. Disregard my stupid question. My dealer answered my email to them from last night. Yes, you do pull up on it just a little harder than I was willing to pull up without knowing what was underneath. My next stupid question... How you you delete a post on here? 🙃
  9. How do you remove the seat bottom? If it's like most bench seats, you just pull up on it to detach the fasteners, but I don't want to break anything if that's not correct. I've pulled up on mine, but it's either holding tighter than I'm willing to pull without knowledge of what I'm dealing with, or that's not how it's attached. Owners Manual doesn't mention how to remove the seat. It only says "remove seat" in a few places.
  10. I haven't been able to locate a Service Manual (aka Shop Manual) for the Hisun Sector 250. Does anyone have one they can share with me? I have the service manual for the Strike 250 (thanks Strike250), but I'd like to have the one specific for the Sector/Vector. Thanks!
  11. New Accessories for Sector line up

    Very nice, Strike! You'll see my order come through in a couple days. Thanks!
  12. New Accessories for Sector line up

    I'm gonna get the Sector 250 hitch rcvr kit as soon as they're available. 👍
  13. Quieter exhaust!

    Orebonder, I'm ready for one of these quiet exhausts for my Sector 250. You want to make me one? 😁
  14. Hisun Sector 250 oil dipstick?

    I believe they originally made the Vector sectors for Home Depot. I just found a Vector 250 manual on HomeDepot . com