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  2. Correct, strut spring will be put in the scrap pile and the High Lifter spring will replace it. Hydraulic dampener portion of the strut will be used. I knew it was gonna go after I put the cut in it. Honestly Im surprised it lasted this long.
  3. Thanks Travis. I have the plain old 4010 4x4, not the trans model. But the spring rate is negligible as I am going to put the High Lifter spring in its place right? So as long as I have the right strut prefix it should be fine I think. Or at least hope. Side note anyone doing this lift kit install here's a helpful note. When putting the strut back together in order to heep the threads coming up from the top so you can bolt it back together. Fully extend the strut and use a pair of vice grips with a mess of rubber gloves put on the jaws so it doesn't mar up the rod but keeps it from retr
  4. Hey Kenfain, not sure why I didnt get a notification on the post but I wanted to circle back. Thats an awesome idea. Looks like I will have a few calls to make and find a second stock alternator. If I have a high output modified alternator then I can probably get by with just the single battery too. Ill post back with some info after I track down the local alternator shop and talk with them
  5. Hey guys, While installing the High lifter lift kit in my 2015 Mule 4010 I nicked the piston, strut rod, the shiney rod in the middle that I cant remember the name (no coffee yet this morning). I knew the nick was deep enough to eventually tear up the seal and she'd let loose. Well 3 months or so down the road here we are, its blown out. My question is how do I know which strut I have? I see 2 listed in the exploded 45023-1006 and the 45023-7503. The difference is the spring rate or K value. Seeing as I have high lifter springs does it matter the K value? And if that's the ca
  6. woooo doggy thats an expensive alternator. Dang. Theres got to be a more cost effective option
  7. Hi all, I am looking at putting in a dual battery setup to my 2015 Mule 4010. Anyone put one of these in before? Most of the research has pointed me to the True Am kit. Didnt know if anyone had done this or had a battery strap down tray they recommend or anything. Between the Winch and the Stereo...and upcoming lights I want to be able to make sure it always starts. Thanks in advance, -Andrew

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